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On New Year's Eve of 2012 I said goodnight to a family friend and walked down the hall to check on my daughter's. My oldest was still awake, talking on the phone with her boyfriend. My youngest was asleep on the bottom bunk. I told her to get off the phone, and said I love you and Happy New Year. I went to bed. I woke up at Harborview Medical Center. My entire family was there with me. Around 4:14 a.m. my house caught fire. My house guest and husband woke up and tried to put the fire out. We didn't have a fire extinguisher. When it became apparent they could do nothing they both ran outside. My husband, realizing he'd left us tried to get back in. The living room was consumed. He then took to beating himself against our bedroom window to try and wake me up. He cut himself badly. When I returned to our house a month later I could still see the spray of his blood under our window. At some point he decided to run back through the inferno in order to save us. I have no recollection of the events. He has forgotten what happened once he ran back into the house. What we do know is that he got me up. I got back to the girls' room and my oldest and I tried to move their bunkbed from in front of the window before falling unconscious. My husband ran back out through the flames again to let the fire dept. know where we were. He was burned over 67% of his body. His elbows have calcified so he cannot bend them and we wait for him to have surgery. He is now bald has most of his head is covered in skin grafts. His face is also burned though I think the skin care regiment I help him with has done a ton of good. I was burned over 37% of my body. I had burns on my face but they have since almost completely disappeared. The side of my left breast and the nipple are burned. I am also burned from the top of my stomach almost completely connected down to my toes. The one graft I hate the most is laid across from my pubic bone to the top of my leg. I cannot sit cross-legged. I have worn a bathing suit to my daughter's 5th grade event. It is sort of embarrassing, but I honestly do not care what people think. My oldest daughter was burned over 24% of her body. This basically means both of her arms are now skin grafts. They are kinda saggy and she calls one of her elbows an elephant knee. Yet she still wears tank-tops. She is amazing. The most tragic part of this story honestly is our youngest daughter. Her heart stopped onsite due to inhalation damage. She was resuscitated but suffered several strokes a few days later because of this. Due to the strokes she lost her ability to speak or use the left side of her body. This meant no more walking. She had been a soccer star. After a month at Harborview she was sent to Children's to their rehabilitation unit. Unfortunately not a ton of progress was made and she was sent home with us. It has been a long hard year. It is especially hard when the entire family is in recovery. And just when things started to look promising our youngest began to have seizures. Regardless, she finished undergoing some tendon lengthening surgeries and I am proud to say that as of today she is beginning to walk again. There is still a long road for all of us. But I am thankful we are all still able to share this life together.
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Hello It's Senghenydd again Thanks for the information about Burn's World I had a brief look at it it looks ok I have two web site which should be of interest to you firstly there's the Katie Piper Web site, Katie was a young model who was going somewhere, however she got involved with the wrong guys and had acid thrown in her face it was very strong acid her face is badly disfigured and she lost an eye her teeth she has had more than two hundred operations anyway her web site is wwwkatiepiperfoundation.org.uk/support-links she runs workshops and raises funds for hospital treatment she was running a Burns Support Group in Nottingham only I suspect that went pear shape another group I would like to recommend to you is www.chelwest.nhs/services/surgery/burns-service/burns-support-groups try accessing those web sites I'm sure you'll find them interesting anyway it's 9.31 am in the old country time I went off and done some work Bye for now, Senghenydd

Oh my goodness, that is so much to deal with. I can't imagine a family going through this and then recovering together!!! I hope you have much emotional support from others outside your home as you certainly have so much to deal with....... My love is with you allxxx