I am not sure if this happens to everyone who has experienced the truma of being a burn victim but I have dreams that are so vivid it is almost as if I was there again.

I wake up wanting to scream but I can't... I can't because it will hurt my boyfriend. Because he blames himself for everything I have been through.

I can't express how I feel an neither can he because we both live in fear of bring up painful memories in the other.

Friends try to sympathise but the truth is they don't understand. You can only understand this kind of truma if you have been through it personally.

I here people say "could have been worse", "I thought your face was burnt", "it's not as bad as everyone said". Judgmental and idiotic things like that are what fuel my emotion. I shouldn't have happened but it did. It could have been worse but it was still bad. 12% is not much in perspective but it is enough to scar me both physically and emotionally.
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Hello It's Senghenydd again Thanks for the information about Burn's World I had a brief look at it it looks ok I have two web site which should be of interest to you firstly there's the Katie Piper Web site, Katie was a young model who was going somewhere, however she got involved with the wrong guys and had acid thrown in her face it was very strong acid her face is badly disfigured and she lost an eye her teeth she has had more than two hundred operations anyway her web site is wwwkatiepiperfoundation.org.uk/support-links she runs workshops and raises funds for hospital treatment she was running a Burns Support Group in Nottingham only I suspect that went pear shape another group I would like to recommend to you is www.chelwest.nhs/services/surgery/burns-service/burns-support-groups try accessing those web sites I'm sure you'll find them interesting anyway it's 9.31 am in the old country time I went off and done some work Bye for now, Senghenydd

I was burned for 78%. It happened in a gas explosion 2 and a half years ago. I had bad dreams in the beginning, similar to your story but now for the past year haven't had them luckily. I guess that's thanks to the fact that I'm back in society now and trying to build a future for myself. I'm still young and don't want to live from hardworking people's tax. I spoke with my mother and father about the dreams and it helped. Even my parents have dreams and relive the moment because my father was the one who saved my life and dragged me out of the burning room.

I know exactly how you feel. I had my leg badly burnt from a fire. A guy threw methylated spirits around the fire trying to be cool and got some on me. The fire was attracted to me and caught fire. It was the most horrific and painful thing I have ever experienced and do not wish anyone that kind of trauma. I don't have night dreams. But I do experience day dreams where I re live the moment and it brings me to absolute depression, anger and rage. Be strong. Know that you are not alone and it is okay to feel sorry for yourself at some times. But also remember you are not alone. And there are people in the world that have felt that same horrible yet unique way. No one knows the feeling but us. We have to stick together and stay strong. See your scar as a mark on your body that says "I am strong, I got through this and I am a better person because of it"! You are amazing and unique and no one can ever take your shine away!

I just posted my story today (deathcheater) , and I too have very bad dreams about my accident,you are not the only one.Please talk to some one, don't let this eat you up any longer,things will get better,I felt so much better just telling my story to those who have dealt with the same thing.I hope this helps, and as always "keep on truck'n " (I know it's corny,but it really is true)

You can't hold the emotions in. You really need to talk to someone, anyone, about how you are feeling. I too get the comment "your face looks great" and some days it's a challenge on how to reply. I was burned 13.5% mostly to my chest, face and right arm. I am almost at the 6 month point and every day provides a different challenge.