He Set Me On Fire At Age 14

i am a burn victim. at age 14 my older boyfriend decieded to throw witch hazel on me and lit me up. stop drop roll ... yeah right what to u do when u start the carpet on fire from rolling , i burned 35 percent of my cheerleader body. im 30 now hair grew back still have my face and shape. it only made me stronger . he in prison now . i wish i could wear sexier clothes like my friends ,but dont like people starring.although  i have covered a few scars with tattoos , looks great 

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hey i completly agree how restricted we are with fashion i cant wear shorts but u r lucky with ut tatts my burns was to bad for that :-(

Im sorry sorry else burned you. My burn was caused by another as well. Im hoping to get my attacker in prison as well! Thank you for sharing your story!

I can totally relate. It feels a bit of relief that people understand the things we went through. We shouldn't be stared at or judge, because of the battle scars we're recovering from. We are Strong because we went through imaginable pain and trauma. Much love to all you that have suffered the same. Stay positive because you are all beautiful people. God bless.

You should read "beautiful" by katie Piper. It's a beautiful inspiring story about a young lady who was a successful model. She suffered severe buns, mostly to her face when acid was thrown on her by a former boyfriend. Although my burns were not caused in such a way it has many things in it that any burn survivor could relate to. But it also a book which would be appreciated by anyone!

lots of new make up out there for speical needs people like burns

nope! been using dermablend, dermacolor and allsorts for years now! There aren't any good new camouflage make-ups out there, if you know of one, please tell!

I'm a newbee, 8 weeks since injury, but can understand the stares already. I can hide most of the badges but my right hand is impossible. I was always proud of my hands and took good care of them. Now I can't even wear nail polish due to the burns. <br />
I think you should wear what you want. You survived and came out stronger. Show off the tattoos. You may become a model for those around you, who are hiding their own imperfections.

Thanks ! Im doing much better

hey dont let it get to u JUST BE HAPPY WHO U R because hafe of my face is burnt because my moms stove got on fire and i am 13 years old and i have i awsome Boyfriend and he only likes me for who i am so my advise is GOD MADE U FOR U WHO U R SO DONT TAKE THAT AS A JOKE <br />
o yeah WAT A JERK <br />
im lindsey i hope u take my advise.

Im going to politely disagree with "benni."<br />
Wear anything you want, I was burned over 70 percent of my body. Thank god it didnt get my face but I tried hiding from my scars for over a year and a half now. I hated people staring as well, you're not alone. But dont let that stop you from being who YOU want to be. If people dont like what they see then theyre the ones with problems. <br />
long story short I tried to hide/run from them because how people looked at me, but I fell in love and realized that all of those people dont matter. I dont know you, or how you look but wear whatever you want because you are beautiful, I promise.

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You can wear those dresses. People would stare anyway just because of how ignorant they are to what it means to be a burn victim. There are also a lot of people who cannot hide their scars.

So sorry about your experience.I also wish I could wear sexy dresses and be looked at.

I am genuinely sorry for what happened to you while at the same time admiring you because it made you strong while also having thanks that your face and body were not permanently disfigured. You have done well.