What do you charge on average?
I'm trying to find a reasonable price.
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how about charging as time spent.

From what I've witnessed and hear about prices depend on a few different things. Example where the services are provided, in a hotel/motel you've purchased or do they, in a car, ect. Where or how they find you is another. Do you have a "pimp" or are you working on your own? Those are a few things to think about. The cases I've heard about are world wide since I was in the military but average out to be (in US dollar): hand only $20 oral $40-50 vaginal $100-150 anal $250-300. Now there are other variables as well such as condom usage, where he finishes, example in you or somewhere on you. I've not really ran across any time limits per say but if he wants you for the weekend or whole night that may be different. Like someone else said it all depends on what you feel comfortable charging. You can always start lower to get clients and work your way up until you get the hang of things. I wouldn't recommend starting too high though at the start because guys can and will tell your new and won't be receptive if you try charging to much for a service feeling a scam or rip off even if its not the case. I would try to find someone to work with also just as a bit of a safety net. Hope all turns out well for you.

Men's idea of reasonable can range from 20 dollars up to 3 thousand dollars plus. I guess it depends on the services, duration of the appointment and the type of clients you're seeing. In Australia girls do full service for as little as 100 dollars an hour, average would probably be around 300 to 350 dollars an hour but it is possible to get 500 to 800 dollars an hour in some cases. There are a lot of Aussie men who pay as much as 3 thousand dollars for a weekend with a young lady, sometimes more, which is usually in a sugar daddy type arrangement. The most important thing is that YOU are happy with the amount you are receiving for your services. Best of luck!



Oh my god are you serious, 20 bucks?!

Reasonable Prices?

Hand $5
BJ $10
The Works $20


Typical that a male would write something like that.

That's just how much he charges.