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Been in camming for about 4 years. Recently checked out several cam companies.  Amazed by all the different claims and contracts. Some of the contracts are NOT even legal.   Read, do your homework. Hence Why I joined this site. We can all help eachother out.

Be careful. Do your research. Realize if you are cute or have a specific niche, that every contract is negotiable. 

Work directly with the company and NOT through a modeling agency or studio.  This way you make more of the % without a middle man.

If I were a new girl in the biz. I would sign up to each and everyone of them with a differnet name and see which one converted the best for me. Then I would concentrate all of my efforts there.

Build up your social networks like twitter, facebook, myspace and such. Build up a fan base of traffic directly interested in see you nude or sexy and then tell them about your cam shows.    Camming is only part of my day, most of it is spent marketing.

Rule #1 in any business. You are nothing without sales.  

If you are camming, then you are in the **** industry. You are using your looks and body to make money.  More people you have as "friends" on your social networks the more power you have as a traffic broker.  Say you have 50,000-100,000 friends on any social network and such, the cam companies will love you as a chat hostess. You come with a built in traffic clientel.   

Treat this like a business. Build up your brand.

More importantly-Have Fun.

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3 Responses Aug 11, 2010

Thank you so much, I read this post like a bunch of times, it is so full of useful information! Do you have any advice on things to avoid for girls starting out? Things like common rip-off schemes or things in contracts that should definitely be a red flag? Thanks!

Well put Samantha!

Thanks a lot!!!