I Am A Cam Model With Lux Models Online

I am a new cam performer for the Lux Models Online Agency. 
I appreciated the support I received regarding some additional unique ideas that I could do on cam to attracted and keep more clients.  Since I have become a cam model, I feel like this webcam job will be my career choice.  I had been performing for some clients that presented me with some, what I thought at the time, outrages fetishes. 
I wanted to do well by each client, of course, but after some of my performances, I was feeling a bit too submissive, uncomfortable, even.  As a cam model,
I want to enjoy my shows and earn money while doing it.  But at the same time, I wasn’t so sure about these not so exotic fantasies of my clients.  Career webcam models advised that I establish what fetishes that I will and will not do.  I now understand that it is perfectly ok to be a webcam model that is professionally submissive. 
It is also ok to tell a client no.  I realized that the client may feel like he is my only client, but in reality, he is not.  I have more clients that are satisfied with my fantasy performances and willing to invest more to do it again. 
I do know that I am a cam model that loves kinky fetishes, so, I probably will eventually totally adjust.  Because many of my clients can’t explore their unique fantasies with anyone else, it is my webcam job to accommodate them.  Bottom line, when I’m not comfortable, it killed the mood.  Now I do not allow any client to push me beyond my limits. 
Cam models, such as me, who are new to the industry, should seek advice from the Lux Models Online Agency.
rebeccatouche rebeccatouche
26-30, F
1 Response May 9, 2012

How's it going for you? I became a cammodel in Sept. (2012). Is that company still in business?

yes it is and I am making very good money!