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2 Mays ago i was dignosed with Throat cancer, I went through kemo and radiation 2 Augusts Ago, After the kemo i got a swolen prostrate an had that shrunk with radio waves today im doing good as much as i can tell.. I am still haveing a hard time sowollowing and my throat swells during the day Usualy goes back 2 normal about  8 or 9 at night.

 I had to have all my teeth pulled, and i realy dont care a lot 4 these  falsies but they work. After going through this  i think im a lot stronger person and i am NOT afraid of death. I have always beleived in reincnaration and attempt to follow some of the tenents of uddism. I was raised a catholic but i pefer the idea of us all being equal.. One of the best statments i heave read  is: Religion is for those who are afraid of going to hell Spirtuality is for those of us who have been there. Love that comment.. I do my best to stay up beet i travle from corpus christi and joliet IL 2 x a yr winter in corpus. Running late this year wanted to stay with family tilll right after xmas... Il answer ne thing or talk to who ever wants to   Bill

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I would love to reconnect and visit with you. I have been close to the edge lately, but new medicines keep me going. I used to love our conversations, you are one interesting guy.<br />
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thanks for your comment and i totally agree with that statement about religion..too many people hide behind it and dont really step out to look. just look. and connect with themselves and with their god. people forget to do that alot. but anyways have a good one

God Bless You!

Thanks for sharing your story. I may be also receiving chemo and radiation soon for back of tongue cancer that has spread to lymph node in throat. Did you have a feeding tube inserted to feed you during this process? How much radiation did you receive? Did you receive surgery on throat afterwards? Thanks!<br />
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