You Never Think It'd Happen To You

I started getting pains in my right leg around June last year. I expected it to go away after a few days as I thought i'd hurt myself dancing. A few weeks went by and the pains were getting worse so my mum took me to my GP, they just said it was growing pains or something like that. It kept getting worse so we went back again and the doctor diagnosed me with osgood shlatters disease and gave tablets. I was happy to have a diagnoses and was told it would fix itself. The tablets didn't work and it kept getting worse and i was told a couple more different things. Mum payed for physio and because i couldn't pin point the pain she thought it was something inside my bones. The constant pain just kept getting worse and so did my walking, until i couldn't bare any weight on it. When i started coming home from school crying mum took me to A&E, even though told we wouldn't get anywhere. They realised something was up from how my muscle had whithered and have me an x-ray, blood tests and booked in for an mri to understand what the x-ray showed. September last year i was told i had tumours and in October i was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Unfortunately the day after i was diagnosed i tripped and broke through my tumours which made the pain a 100 times worse. Even morphine couldn't get rid of the pain for quite a few days or even weeks (i can't remember as i was so drugged up). I started an intense 10 week course of chemo a week or so after. I had a good response in the way that the chemotherapy killed most of the cancer cells but a couple of days before Christmas I was told that they couldn't save my leg without it spreading. So on the 5th january i had my right leg amputated above the knee. I then had an intense 20 week course of chemo and have been finished for four weeks. I'm now on a trial for interferon.
I got to meet and make friends with  children with all different types of cancer and their parents on the ward and found it devastating that unfortunately not all survive. So I count myself as one of the lucky ones to still be here. My family have been there for me all the way and without them I don't know whether I could have done it.  I'm hoping the hardest days are over.
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1 Response Jul 13, 2010

I am hoping with you. Stay brave, I know I have been thru hell and back with pain. Stage 4 Liver cancer and don't drink. Go figure. Anyway should have been dead six or more years ago still here sem-remission. I'm staying so you stay too.<br />