I Am The Lucky One

my life changed forever in july 2006 when my wonderful mum(AGED 74) was diagnosed stage 4 bowel cancer.myself,my sister and two brothers cared for and watched her slowly get sicker,she was hospitalised in july 2007,at the same time in a different ward my younger brother was just being diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer too,we were all totally stricken with grief,we were hopping between two wards for a month as my brother underwent tests, we didnt tell mum about her youngest son fighting for his life too,it was the hardest but the best thing we could do for her,my mum passed away in august 2007, not knowing that her son would soon join her.i decided to get a colonoscopy for peace of mind but the doctors told me to wait till i was 50,(i was 46)but i insisted as my brother was only 43 when he got his diagnosis,my worse fears were realised in february 2008 when i was told i had a 4cm tumour .we were devastated,all i could think about was my kids and my siblings,none of us were coping very well.we were still grieving for our mother and watching our brother get sicker and thinner from all the chemo.i had surgery in march 2008,they removed 30cm of bowel,and an 8 inch triangle of lymph nodes.i had to wait a week to see if the cancer had spread to my blood through the lymph nodes but i was lucky and it hadnt. it was explained to me that i have an 85% chance of being cured.and that if i underwent 6 months of grueling chemo it would give me maybe another 1%. i have a child with special needs who relies on me everyday,i decided not to undergo chemo as i saw how sick my mum and brother were with it.i needed to be well for my sons sake.my gorgeous,wonderful brother passed away in october 2008.i have regular tests,it's been 2 1/2 years since the surgery and i'm still cancer free. i want to believe that i'm in the 85% group and am cured,but i always have it on my mind that the cancer may return.
fatbesh fatbesh
Jul 22, 2010