Finally Getting Back To My Old Self After Cancer

i was 25 years old with 2 children doing everyday mummy stuff it was one morning in July 2008 that I was in the shower and felt the lump on my right breast. i called my husband into the shower (yes im not shy lol) and asked if he felt it an he said he did". He was quite surprised at the size of it and the fact we hadnt noticed it earlier , almost like it grew during the night.sad

we went to see the doctors who wasnt that concerned either that or she was trying to to make sure i didnt worry.. She sent me to have an ultrasound ( as there was a chance i was pregnant so couldnt do a mammogram) i would have preferred if she said 'everythings fine ' but she didnt. my husband said 'everything wil be fine its nothing ' but i knew he was worried also.

RESULTS ; The results were not conclusive and i was sent for a fine needle aspiration and a mammogram i remember the day we got the results back like it happened yesterday when he said : " Its come back positive, you have cancer. we will have to remove your breast.

i walked home in tears i blocked out my husband and i wanted to be alone it took a few weeelks before i started opening up to him and i realized how much he was hurting by everything.
The operation was successful ( if sucessful means no complications) the hardest thing is to have a lose such an important part of your body as a women.. but i felt 10 times worse when they said id have chemotherapy my first thought was my hair.. i had long medium thick dark brown hair and the thought of losing my hair was unbearable.
My hair started thinning and id have clums in my comb or on my pillow .. but I had such thick hair that it took a while for people to notice. but every day I lost more and more hair and got more and more depressed i felt awful for how miserable i was around my children but i was so low in myself. Luckily it settled down i didnt lose all my hair but was now reallly thin..

it was about a year later i had my mammogram that gave me the ALL CLEAR!  

i thought this is it i have to try to get my life back .. my hair was really knocking my confidence which no-one understood and i had put on 2 dress sizes.

i joined The cambridge diet (   )  and my cd councellor was incredible she was so understanding i never would have lost the weight without her. not quite in all my old clothes but almost there wink
My friend recommended hair extensions i hadnt thought of it before but i contacted Liana Sanneh in London ( )  and got myself  thicker hair .. when i left the salon i just felt so happy. She had clients with thinning or had chemo before and really knew what she was doing.

Now ...
im slowly getting back to me after cancer .. i will never be the 'same old me' but im making the most of everyday now and just happy to be here with my angel children.

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the hair loss was also one the hardest part of chemo for me to. It seemed to come back so slowly. I didn't think of extentions. next month I will be at my 6 year mark and I still have not dropped the weight I gained during treatment. But I am so glad to be alive to see my daughters grow up.

Your update is encouraging. The hair thing devasted me and you are right...NO ONE could get it. Growing back it looked like a white cotton candy afro and the first time I colored it it came out neon yellow and orange from the chemo even though I had a professional do it! It is starting to grow in more like my own and straighter but reading your story really touched my experience. Long healthy life to you<br />
dear lady!