I Was Merely A Child

along with the other cancer survivors here i am one also.i was born with cancer myself but it wasn't diagnosed till i was 12, technically 13 as my birthday was a few days away.i started showing symptoms a few days earlier, intense headaches, loosing my balance and i remember the night before it was diagnosed i was helping carry dinner in the house and all of a suddeni lost the use of my arms and the food i was carrying just spilled everywhere. we had seen a doctor a few weeks earlier about my intense headaches and he said to see a chiropractor as he thought it was just sore neck moscles at the time.after that my mom would just massage my neck and shoulder area every day when it started hurting as we couldnt get to a chiropractor but the day after the incident were my arms gave out and dropped our dinner we went to see the doctor again only this time he wanted to get an MRI.once the MEI was finished they had woken me up and explained what they saw, a golfball sized tumor on my brain stem. i was pretty unresponsive except for the fact i understood what the doctor was saying,my mom on the other hand, well i ended up being the one to make her feel better.The cancer type was medduloblastoma and we were told i probably only had about 4 hours which hurt my mom even more.after that we left for the nearest hospital equipped for my cancer which was a few hours away but the ride there, half the time i found myself not even aware of whats going on really. 
BlackrozeDragon BlackrozeDragon
22-25, T
Jan 31, 2011