From Strength To Weakness And Back Part I

I was tired. A lot. easily sick, and not so easily cured.

At the time I attributed it to a lack of sleep. Things got serious though when doctors started performing increasingly more and more invasive tests.

Just before the end of of the beginning I couldn't walk a flat surface twenty paces, and you can forget about a set of stairs. Of course at this point I knew in the bowels of my brain that something was very wrong.

I kept rowing the river of denial, telling myself, sleep more, take ALL the antibiotics for once, eat better, exercise, that it was just the winter blues.

In the end it didn't matter what I told myself or tried to hold onto, my blood had different ideas. A very painful test confirmed what had been rolling around the dusty rooms of my head. Leukemia.

the first 24 hours of my diagnosis were spent believing that I would die, because the doctor (and I use the term loosely) who informed me of my condition told me nothing of my prognosis beyond "Without treatment, and barring any infections, you have three weeks to live.".

AvaRose AvaRose
31-35, F
May 30, 2011