Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Stage Iv

On June 8th 2006 I was diagnosed with stage IV nasopharyngeal carcinoma. After concomitant chemo and radiation, I've survived five years since that time. God is Awesome.

There has been some ugly side effects from this awful disease. I hope to learn from you and more importantly live with you other survivors. Thanks for having me.

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How are you doing?

I am a nasopharynx cancer survivor too...had radiotherapy and chemotherapy too.cancer symptoms started in december 2005 but started treatment in April 2007 it came back but i refused to go for conventional treatment but fasted for 42 days on beetrrot and carrot juice and recovered...I went for CT and MRI check up last decmember and was declared cancer free by my oncologists but now i am suffering from the side effects of a dead pituary gland as the radiotherapy fried it up....i have been placed on hydocortisone and levothyroxine to replace the hormones that the pitituary gland can no longer produced having been damaged by the radiotherapy...and these drugs have side effects like raising blood sugar which can affect the kidney , elevate eye pressure anyone passing through side effects of fried piptuary glands?

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First, congratulations on nearing your five year mark. It will be here before you know it. <br />
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Second, thank you for feeling comfortable in talking about your bout with cancer. It is apparent that this topic is a sensitive one for you. God saved you from that horrible disease and His story needs to be told in lieu of any success we may take. After all, we didn't save ourselves, He saved us. <br />
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Third, I'm happy to have met with you on here. It motivates me to see others who have gone through similar experiences which no one should ever have to endure. <br />
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God bless you!

I am alive too it'll be 5 years in a few months - that's officially remission from a very rare sarcoma, I must say how brave it is you can write about it and share. I never talk about it and I try not to dwell on things , or my treatment because I think by doing so I'll jinx myself somehow and it'll come back. Yes we are lucky ones.

We are all blessed if we choose to see it.

Congratulations doesn't really seem appropriate, so I will just say that I admire your courage and tenacity. I wish you peace and happiness, and most of all, much more life to live. Take care.