I Too Am A Cancer Survivor!

See all my blogs to share my most recent Journey. I am happy to say after years of battling this disease I am finally
cancer free and ready for what I truly believe is my final transplant.  Sure I know there are odds and I know there is
always a possibility that is could resurface, for me it has not once or twice but 4 times!! However today I feel better
that I ever have . . . this trial I am just finishing seems to be the best I have been through. There is something to be
said about reverting back to Holistic Medicine ... I was given less than a month to live, 6 months later here I am
telling you there is life after Cancer and I am ready to start mine!!!

Peace, love and good health to all.. and know my prayers go out to all my sisters and brothers who
are fighting this disease!! Know I pray for you everyday!!
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3 Responses May 21, 2012

i m a cancer survivour tooo :)

Hi. Jennifer. I am glad to hear this.<br />
<br />
Unfortunately, I have not been able to follow your progress closely. Could you explain for those of us unfamiliar with leukemia why another bone marrow transplant is indicated after you are found cancer-free?<br />
<br />
Please also tell us what you are referring to with holistic medicine. I wish more was readily available for cancer victims.<br />
<br />
I admire your courage.

Congrats...its an awesome feeling to know you're cancer free. You have the right mindset, just stay positive, thats how i got through my ordeal. Its a hard life...but getting passed the problem, best feeling in the world. Congrats again! :)