Hodgkin's Disease/lymphoma

January 14th 2007 I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

I know the symptoms leading up to it was heavy coughing. And in the months prior to being diagnosed I was getting severe night sweats. I would wake up with my clothes stuck to me like I jumped in the pool with them on. They were really cold too. But the rest of the bed was fine as far as wetness. Very weird. They ran a series of tests on me. They also did a bone marrow biopsy on me. That means they took a drill and put it into my hip from my side. Thank God the hospital had great numbing agents, lol. They also did a biopsy on my enlarged lymph nodes. They great to be the size of a golf ball! They were only that way for a couple weeks before I got my first chemotherapy treatment. They went down right away =]

So once I was diagnosed I had to go through chemotherapy for 6 months. I would get treatments every other week on Monday. I would go back the next day to have fluids pumped through me for 5 hours. I actually started writing poetry and my poems were on me being sick. I think I will share it on here soon =]. They really took a toll on me. Go in on Monday, and spend the week recovering. So my week in between was good! But then it seemed to get harder and harder to deal with the drain from chemo. It could really wear you down and kill you, you know! So I prayed one day. I did it while I was pooping, no lie. I just asked for the strength to deal with it. And I was able to handle the chemo way better since that day I prayed.

Other fun facts about this! My urine would stink like the chemo for a couple days after! Aw it was horrible! And my sweat would smell of it too. Not enjoyable, lol. That would also lead to nausea and it was bad enough I was more prone to be nauseated, lol.

What really helped, besides the support from friends, family, and anyone else I came into contact with... WAS RAMEN! I would eat a cup of noodles after I got home from a long 5 hour chemo session and go to sleep. I would knock out and stay asleep until the next day. I think that really helped a lot. Also having my mom have my back and make sure I ate. Made sure my tummy was happy so I could keep eating.

I felt weird writing about this. Sorry for the crazy format and order of everything.
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i know its too late to comment but i just wanna say i m inspired by u.i m also having a medical problem which i could not tell my mum.i try everyday but fails.i hope i could tell her soon.u r a brave person and how r u doing now?!

Are you doing better?

I hope you are doing well.