Ovarian Cancer Survivor

I am a 18 year stage 4 ovarian cancer survivor. I was on a trip to greece with my family and my abdomen swelled in a one week span that by the time we left i looked 8 months pregnant . Got home and went to hospital and found a large mass on my left ovary and was sent to a university hospital about 2 hours away. I went into emergency surgery and woke up in ICU 6 hours later finding out i had a watermelon size tumor removed from my ovary and a grapefruit size one removed from a lymph node, and 7 liters of fluid. I had ato 9 month old and 3 year old daughter at that time and only 32. Scared of dying i under went 3 cycles of aggressive chemo. In hospital 15 days out of 21recieving chemo. Thought my family would be done my remaining ovary lapsed putting me through menopause. 2 years later healthy and blessed with finding out i was pregnant. They did tell me u never say never with cancer! ( so true ) i was blessed with a healthy daughter we named Grace. (She was our little amazing grace). Still healthy, happy and very blessed to this day. 18 years!! So anyone who feels that a stage 4 cancer is a death sentence, I'm here as proof and so is my daughter. Anything is possible! Especially with the power of prayer.

Sazwack Sazwack
41-45, F
Jul 15, 2012