Liposarcoma Back After 17 Years,,,,

“Anyone with Saracoma??? I was tumor freee for 17 years and it,s returned.”

Posted by relish in Sarcoma

The first one my wife was a large tomer in my right butt musle. Excuse the spelling ,
I had it remove as well as part of my thigh The scar goes from upper right hip to just above the knee cap.
I was part of a STUDY and I had no tumors until a year ago. I,ve had 7 removed at 7 times thru out the year.
no chemo no radation this time as they said it wouldn,t help.
It,s now in right upper groin and 2 in my right foot.
they seem to come back every 3 to 4 months.
has anyone had theres come back???
Any infoe I Thank You For.

These cases bring tears to my wifes eyes.shes helping me with this page.
I hope the best for you 2. Thank You so much for Posting. I will go to the support site.
also we have twins both with health problems and are adults still at home.
Thank You Again.

matabish matabish
51-55, M
Jul 29, 2012