Nh Lymphoma 8 Mos After Kidney Txplant

It was due to the immunosuppressant meds. I had multiple lesions in my small intestine and my stupid doctor refused to believe I was in pain. I had to tell him what tests to perform and to check me into the hospital. When I checked in, he asked me if I was depressed. i "fired' him and got another doc who ordered a PET and endo colonoscopy. That's how they saw the lesions. Did RCHP therapy and after 2, the lesions were gone. Had 4 more sessions after that. I went to chemo alone. Sometimes, my mom picked me up after work. I was 30. It was so annoying to see people there being fed by their husbands and wives or kids. I studied for my PhD qualifying exams while there and ignored them. I went to work in the weeks between chemo sessions. I have felt very alone since. I have a great job, I am going on leave to finish my dissertation. I live abroad for my job and just got a promotion, but that loneliness that started on chemo hasn't left.
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are you still married? I really feel like that's abandonment. Were I married, my expectation would be for the person to stay with me as much as possible. I understand having to go to work, but.... And Jtrain, I'm also sorry that your parents didnt get how lonely you would be. We are all more compassionate as a result, I hope.