Double Orchiectomy

My story isn't very long. I have had testicular cancer twice. Once in 2005, and once in 2010. Both times resulted in the loss of a testicle. I now have none. I cannot have children now, and since the testosterone medicine is so expensive I do not take it. I guess I am glad I am still alive, but with my Bipolar Disorder and all I struggle to see a point left in life. I do not try to engage in a relationship because what would be the point. I have lost most of my muscle mass and am now pretty weak compared to how I used to be. That being said, I am also afraid I will develop another form of cancer. Anyway, I guess that is all. Told you it wouldn't be very long.
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It must have been difficult to hear you had testicular cancer the first time, but I imagine the second time was pretty scary. I know a couple guys who have lost one testicle, but losing two and dealing with the hormone thing is quite different. Reading through some of the messages and your responses, I am happy for you that you found out about injections and that you have a boyfriend. Congratulations. If you are looking to add guys, I hope you will consider me.

I've had a single orchiectomy in 2012, but now my toher testicle hurts. I haven't found a distinct lump, but something feels odd. So I'm going tomorrow to have it looked at. I'm just really concerned and upset about it. I'm about to start school on May 7th and this is totally the last thing I wanted to happen. It may not be cancer, but given my medical history, it would make sense that it is.

I guess I'm worried even more now about what a double orchiectomy will look like. It doesn't matter though. Sex isn't really a big woo hoo thing for me anymore. At least if I have the second orchiectomy , if I get kicked in the crotch I won't feel much. haha

That's a rough lot to be dealt. Wow. I'm sorry that you had to go through that. My daughter is a cancer survivor. She lost half her colon. I can't imagine if she got it back and lost the other half. I just think that's awful. God bless you Tom.

You can become a rock-and-roll star!! Go get those pills if you need them and they're contributing to your weight-loss. If you continue to lose weight and are unhealthy then there is a better chance that you'd develop another form of cancer. Maybe become a rock-and-roll star and use some of that money to buy your testosterone medicine! ^_^

You really should be on T replacement-I wonder if you can get government help or something.
I take gub'mint pills...

I used to take the Androgel. It was great. 400 a month though. Ugh. I just go without now. My family is saying it is why I am so crazy now. Maybe, but I was Bipolar before that. They are trying to find a way to help me afford it though. We will see I guess.

Yipes, that's steep!

ok, keep one thing in mind: everything happens for a reason. not getting spiritual or anything. I had prostate cancer in my 30s and i thought life was going to be a waste of time- no more sex, at least not like it is supposed to be. now, 11 years later, I couldn't care less. point is, there is a reason you are here. maybe the bipolar part, if it is real, is so connect differently...maybe its so you use the manic time for you write stories or paint or draw? music? maybe there's something you are supposed to be doing...but dead definitely isn't it.

Sorry, I just now saw this post. Um, yeah, I write poems about cutting. They are in my blog section. Thanks for your post though.

That sucks! You shouldn't give up on a relationship though. I mean there's someone for everybody.

I guess your right. I mean, I wouldn't be opposed to the idea, but I do not expect or seek out a relationship. You know I have Bipolar too, so it is real hard to deal with. LOL. I am crazy. I haven't even been on a date in like 12 years. Seriously. lol. I feel scared thinking about it really. I mean, could I put up with someone around? I don't know. lol. I guess you never know. Thanks for the reply though.