I Was 12 When It Started and 14

When i was 12 I started to have exstreem pain in my right knee, but I was verry active and good at sports so I thought I sis something to it. It contiued for about a year, I wanted to tell my mom cause it got worse, but I am verry stuberen. The got so bad I couldn't sleep. My mom got up in the midel of the night and seen me crying holding my leg as if i'd been shot at 3 am, she got scared because I have a higher pain tolerince then a normal person. It took another 6 mouths till I found out that it was bone cancer. My uncal blams the dr for not finding it, but you couldn't know till it broke through.

They took me to iowa city for cemo. 4 mouths latter they took a m.r.i. and it showed that it didn't even decress a cm. They told me that this was the most agrissive case they have ever seen. I knew that they needed to take my leg so after they said that, I told them to. I had 3 ports in me, 2 pic lines, 2 cases of phonmona, lots of broncidoue, and yet the nures all fought to have me as there pasent, cause i didn't complaine and i would ceare THEM up. It realy was fun. ^^

vetra vetra
18-21, F
Jul 1, 2008