My Cancer My Husband's Cancer

Close to 14 years ago I was doing a self exam of my breast as I always do about every three months or so. This day I found a small lump between by breast but more on the left side. I had already had a mammogram in Jan on my birthday and it showed nothing. I went to my doctor who sent me to an oncologist, who did a biopsy. It was cancer and was removed on June 11, 1998. I had seven weeks of chemo, pills, and radiation. As of Jan. 2012 I am cancer free.

towards the end of 2009 my husband started coughing, which we thought he had a cold or something. I called his doctor and prescribed a cough medicine over the phone. By Jan. 2010 he was coughing so much he went through a whole package of cough drops in less then a week. Then his chest and back started hurting and he called his doctor. The doctor told him to come in immediately which he did, I went with him as I always do. When my husband removed his clothes I couldn't believe the weight he had lost in just a couple of months. He had gone from 157 pounds to 120 and his skin was just hanging. The doctor did a TB test and an EKG, then sent him for X-rays. Then his doctor had a surgeon do a Lung wash. The lung wash didn't work as the bronchi tube was blocked by a cancerous tumor that was 5X5 in diam.
My husband doctor set up an appointment for a Ultrasound and a PET scan. Both came back with disturbing news. Not only was there a huge tumor in his right lung but also 4 smaller ones in the left lung, one on his lower neck area and one on his lower spine.
He began chemo and radiation in Feb. 2012 for 7 weeks. He had gone down to 114 pounds and could barely walk. After the 7 weeks of chemo and radiation another PET scan was taken. The main tumor had shrunk to the size of a golf ball and the other areas in his body had disappeared. He received 7 more weeks of maintenance chemo and followed by another PET scan a month later that showed the main tumor the size of a large grape with no activity in it and no other spots in his body.
April 2012 he had another PET scan showing no activity in his body. At the end of this month he will receive another PET scan and we can only pray that it will still show no activity.
I hope this is an inspiration to anyone out there with Stage 1-4 cancer not to give up. There is good medicine out there and great doctors. Pray if your a believer because that is always a great help too.
God Bless and keep us in your prayers.
tatiana44 tatiana44
66-70, F
Sep 8, 2012