My Cancer Story

Hello, I am 19 years old and I have had a battle with cancer and WON! When i was 15 I had a very abusive life, my mom had passed away when i was 10 and I moved into my grandparents home, My grandmother was addicted to medication the doctors would give her, medication that would make her forget what she had just done, like choking me and slamming me into a grandfather never believed me but he knew she beat on him...(now i know your prob. thinking this isn't a cancer story but it leads to it.) After trying for years to get out of that house, My grandfather sent me away to a girls home in sc, for disturbed, and uncontrollable girls so he wouldn't have to listen to me anymore. Before He had sent me away the doctors had found lumps in my neck that could only be seen in a ultra sound, but that didn't stop him from sending me away. I was in the home for a year and found out that my grandfather had signed a two year contract to the place to keep me there. I started losing my hair, and throwing up, and not eating, they called my grandfather and told him but he was more worried about getting his wife back. The home called social services and told them my situation but I was stuck, Christmas break came up for the home and my grandparents came back to take me home for a week to spend Christmas with them, during that week i got put in the hospital and they checked the lumps again, you still couldn't see or feel them unless it was on a ultra sound screen, the doctors were worried because the lumps grew and asked to do a biopsy, that's when they found out that the lumps were really cancer in my thyroid, and for the past two years they had been growing, when the surgery date came up it was on my mothers birthday and when they put me under they told me later i kept talking to somebody not in the room, I asked if i told them who i was talking to they answered and when they told me who i was talking to i cried, I had seen my mother who passed away and she watched over me that's who i was talking to. Now I have been cancer free for a year and a half, but they took my whole Thyroid out so now i have to take medication for the rest of my life to make up for not having a Thyroid. I guess the reason I made this such a long story is because everyday there are people out in the world who don't believe other people, and tell them there just depressed. I was told many things, but i knew my body and i knew something was wrong, but they wouldn't take me to the doctor because i was being beat and they didn't want people to know...and to finally take me to the doctor was only because the girls home requested it, and after having the cancer the home wouldn't take me back. For those of you who read this, if you have a kid(s) please listen to them, who knows your body better than yourself? I had to be strong for myself because nobody else would be....if it wasn't for my mother teaching me to be strong, idk if i would have survived, and if it wasnt for God watching over me i might not be here...we never know when we will take our last breath and we never know who around us may need our help.
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i would love to speak to you<3 your story touched my heart.

Im glad it touched your heart :)