Im Sorry Heart Problem.

I didn't know what to put this on. So sorry but I Am NOT a cancer survivor but I've got heart problems. I am only 11 so im in 5th class. Life is harder for me than for some people. The truth is im in a class were lots of rich people are. They like me. I like them too. That's not the problem the problem is that I have something growing under my heart. Its not bad probably lots of people have it. Its just that I can't get tired. I can't run or do any sports. I don't want people to think that im moaning or something because I am very well off. Its just I feel like stranger weirdo nearly when all my friends are playing catch and I can just stand there and watch. Same in P.E. I don't know... I always thought all my friends are real BFFs but now these days I notice that their not! No one will stand next to me or talk that's all I need to feel better. Sometimes some girls do but in the kind of i-want-to-be-nice way. I feel like my childhood is falling Down... Please can I have some feedback? thanks and sorry again for writing it here.
LivLov LivLov
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1 Response Nov 6, 2012

(((LivLov))) I also noticed my friends reacted in different ways after I was diagnosed with cancer. Some of them were cool and would invite me out to parties and stuff, and others could not make eye-contact with me, they just felt I belonged in hospital or something. But, I also made loads of other friends, so maybe you can look for non-physical activities at school that you can take part in. Maybe music, art or computer games?