I Had Leukemia

Back then before I was diagnosed as a Leukemia Survivor, I went thru a hard life. My dad was married to someone else and its make my pain getting worse. I cried every single night, I don't want my mom to get sad because of my dad. Few years flew, I got that major headache every morning, I thought it's because I've migraine before. But then I felt something wrong with my body, I got that purplish patches spot on my hands. I also got night sweat, although its cold I keep sweating. I lose my appetite, that's make me lose 8kg in two weeks. I keep my mind positive, maybe it's caused by my family problem.
My mom noticed that my skin looked paler than before. She asked me to go to the doctor with her. I said no, I'm fine. My mom keep saying that I looked pale and skinny. Then, I gave up. My mom and I went to the doctor. The doctor took few sample of my blood. One week later, Dr. Chua called my mom and asked me to do bone marrow examination.
I remember that time my mom and I went to see the doctor for the second time without my dad, the doctor said he want to make sure that I don't have blood cancer because my bone marrow produce so much white blood cells than the red blood cells. I was shaking that moment, although I just 12 I knew how my mom feels about it. There's glasses on her eyes.
2 weeks later, I was diagnosed on Nov 2010 and it's been 8 months since my dad ignored me. He's going to have his new daughter. Then, my mom decided to do a chemotherapy for me. I've to do my chemotherapy for 1 1/2 years. Now, I'm not completely healthy but I know my life have been so much better than before. I love my mom, she's always beside me.

littlegirl1202 littlegirl1202
13-15, F
Nov 7, 2012