New Diagnosis

Within the last month, I went to my primary physician about a 2"x1" skin type of rash that occasionally bleeds, but never fully heals. Upon seeing and hearing this, I was transferred to a specialist within the Mayo Clinic out of Rochester, Minnesota. I had a biopsy done this past Monday in which they told me that I would receive my results in about a week. On Wednesday morning, the Nurse for the doctor from Mayo Clinic called and told me that I have cancer (again) and wanted to see me today at 10am to discuss my treatment options. I am now scheduled for a Mohs Surgery on the 30th of this month and if a cancellation happens on the 14th (next week), I will able to get it done sooner. I have Carcinoma, which is a skin cancer and very treatable. My concern is that even though only 5% of my type of cancer develops and spreads into other organs and tissues, it's still a concern with the fact that I had colon cancer a mere 5 years ago... and now cancer free in the colon (knock on wood). Hopefully we caught this in time and I can lead a healthy and normal life (so to speak, if you have read any other of my stories).
TimmAllen TimmAllen
56-60, M
Nov 8, 2012