Chondrosarcoma Survivor

November 23, 2005, my birthday, I received a phone call from a doctor that he looked over some results from my appointment and that he believed I had chondrosarcoma and for me to rush to the hospital. I had only gone in for a regular gynecologist visit and they found a large mass in my abdomen with the ultrasound machine. One test led to another before a doctor told me he wanted to amputate my right leg. The mass was as large as a soccer ball and had wrapped itself around my right pelvic bone, hip, sciatic nerve, and tailbone. Unfortunately, radiation and chemotherapy was NOT an option. Who wants chemo and radiation? Well, if it's temporary and means it could prevent you from being handicapped and unable to walk for the rest of your life..I do. They told me it was only a matter of time before it would've killed me. Soon after I was going into surgery to remove the cancer. I had drove across the country back to my hometown in Houston, Texas to get a surgeon that was going to try to save my leg so I wouldn't have to be amputated. He asked me if it meant saving my life could he have the permission to amputate. I said what good is my leg if I'm dead? After 24 hours and 14 bags of blood transfused I awoke to find I was paralyzed in my right leg. I had the leg...but couldn't use it. I wanted to wake from this nightmare. I learned to use a wheelchair and was sent home after 2 months recovering in the hospital. They performed a hemipelvectomy and removed the whole right pelvic bone and the sciatic nerve. My leg is only attached by skin and muscle. The femur bone dangles. Since there is no pelvic bone, there is no hip to attach the bone. It is now 6 1/2 years later, and more reconstructive surgeries later, I am still looking for a way to walk, paralyzed in a wheelchair, but cancer free. I try to always find a positive outlook on life. I had a baby last year and no one thought I could do it. I am the first person on record to have a baby after a hemipelvectomy and spine fusion. It was hard because I did it natural, that was my only option. I've moved on with a different person who loves me a lot. I think going through something very hard teaches you how to cope with life, and how would you know how something is good in life if you haven't experienced something bad?
vividdreamer23 vividdreamer23
31-35, F
Nov 14, 2012