Disappointing Update

I finally got my pathology report back this past Friday and let's just say it wasn't what I wanted or needed to hear. I have three options to me and I need to make it tomorrow morning. Two of the options will make me sicker than the actual cancer is right now and the third really isn't an option (giving up). I am angry.. I want to hit something ... I want to get better! I have faith in the Lord that everything will work out!
TimmAllen TimmAllen
56-60, M
1 Response Dec 9, 2012

How are things going Tim? I got diagnosed with cancer two days before my birthday, my friend was throwing me a dinner party, and I got dressed, put on some make-up and went. From April to November 2012, I did surgery (looking out on the street and missing the buses and taxis), then chemotherapy (with its 'no body knows how you're gonna react to it' enigmas) and then radiotherpy (that's when shopping for clothes stopped being fun). And now I am taking hormone therapy for five years (where I can't sunbathe any more) not to mention the risk of my right arm swelling up like a football should I ever over use it in any way.If hitting something makes you feel better, go for it, but I found that staying calm and ignoring things and people helped me better. Especially during chemotherapy when my stomach was sensitive. Best of luck with it all!

I am doing good... I am in the 5th week of my cancer treatments... but this week was pushed back one week because of my grandmother being gravely ill... and my doc went along with this... just one week. My health is looking up and I am positive that I all be cancer free in no time... and I am luckily to have the Mayo Clinic behind me 100%.

Good to hear, they're getting better at managing the side effects, aren't they? I am currently waiting for my hair to grow 'normal', I have managed to look good all the time, because it makes me feel better, but now, I think I am gonna have to look weird for a while to let my hair grow healthy. It's ok, it builds character! Hope your grandmother is feeling better.