Life Changing Exparence

As a young woman with downs Syndrome i thought i was not going to be diagnosed with cancer

I was wrong in June 2008 i was diagnosed with leukemia the cancer of the blood this was so hard to go through i know that i am strong and I know that i can beat this cancer.

I know that i lost a lot of loved ones to be honest i was scared that i may not be able to fight this but with god's help and my family with me I survived now i can say that life can hand me anything because i went through the worst,

I realized that i know cancer is hard and scary but there is also something nice about having cancer. is that you become a new you and see life differently because i have seen life by my disabiltiy downs Syndrome.

this was so hard going through Life with downs Syndrome and then with downs Syndrome and Leukemia this was a battlefiald and i fought and won now i am in remission.

I Love Life and Life can hand me anything because i been through the worst

now i am a cancer survivor!
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1 Response Dec 20, 2012

wow you have so much streath in you to face it and do battile with it and win am in aww of you. i have story i wrote about losing love on to cancer if you care to read.

what is your story titled i would love to read your story