And I'm Still Here

I battled with cancer not once but twice in my life before the age of 24. The second time I was on deaths door. Nothing was working to shrink the tumors and surgery was way to risky. It's hell to go through. No one will ever understand what it's like and how you feel. I have since heeled from it physically, but I will never heal mentally. Cancer is the devil!
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2 Responses Jan 9, 2013

Awww. I know how that feels. It's truly traumatizing. I feel as if part of me (emotionally) will never recover either. I went through it alone. Had nobody to turn to for support. That living nightmare forever changed me as a person. I'll never be who I once was. I understand you completely.

That's fantastic to hear! I finished my therapy in November 2012, I honestly don't care about the outcome. I will worry about death 5 seconds before it happens, and that's too long!