Unfinished Business

well as odd as this is going to seem, and the fact that I am doing this on my phone text to speech. of all of the sexual things I could have written about first, I will do this story and add and edit when I can.
in early November 2011 I was diagnosed with cancer. I underwent chemo and radiation treatment down in South Florida from that November to February 2012. I had a second PET scan about the middle of February and got back in the truck at the end of February, I just had my 6 month check up in December and I am cancer free. as I stated earlier I will add more detail as I get time, so in conclusion as the title states apparently I have some (unfinished business).
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I hope you filed claim with the VA

I really hope that you get through your cancer, my wife died three years ago of lung,liver,bone and blood cancers. I hate that word(cancer) and I wish that every body that has it was better again. Please add me so we can be friends.

God bless !

wow.. so happy to see this. surviving cancer is not easy, congrats on making it. have a long life.


Very glad to hear that you are doing well.

thank you very much, and yes I am doing very well still cancer free Thanks.

Not sure that I would want to go through all you have had to do. It is nice to hear when it works.


hope all is going well

Great news

Here's to a long healthy life ahead :) stay safe have fun

Ty u2

Congratulations, and I look forward to hearing about the unfinished business now that you got a clean bill of health.

Life's to short .

add me please thank you

good we can beat cancer. My wife had a organs removed this past summer, and now she is doing very well.

good luck Scott I hope she makes a full recovery

Congratulations on your positive outcome! Thanks for sharing :)

it's great that you have beaten this. What kind of cancer? Prostate?

R u a truck driver?

Stay well!

Been there - done that in 2001 - and don't need to do it again! Surgery and RT was my methodology and it worked well. Been thru PET, MRI's too. Let's hope yours goes well too. With Jan 20 being your last post - Please give us an update one of these days.

well on January 8th I will go in for my 2 year checkup and probably get my chemo port removed

Glad to hear your CA free, Hopefully many more healthy years ahead :)

It's a kick to the stomach to get that diagnosis isn't it! I'm clear now for 10 years!

that would be an understatement sir, but no actually that is exactly the feeling you get right.

and congratulations to you for your 10 years, it has been a year and a half now for me..

thank you for your comment

A big congrats to you my love..xxxx

did the fact that you got a hot wife have anything to do with it ?? lol

actually yes..she found the doc's for me and stayed by my side the whole time I went thru treatment..ty