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Road To Recovery

In Aug '11 I was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer. At that time I was given a 28% 5yr survival rate...which later dropped down to 18%. I was told to prepare for the worst. I had to deal with the nightmare of preparing a will & the guardianship of my only child. Having to explain to her that her mommy may not be around much longer. Having to worry about her mental & emotional state and also her future without me. The countless nights I laid awake in bed scared for her & her well being.

I had 2 surgeries & chemo....but didn't have much luck with it. I was growing very sick and felt as if there was no hope for me. I was offered a spot in a clinical trial in SF. To my surprise I started improving. My tests were coming back with significant changes & I started feeling better. It was the miracle I was praying for.

Here I am 18 months later...gaining my strength back....happy to be alive. I worry at times that it will come back when I'm not paying I've become a bit obsessed with watching my health & looking for signs. I guess in a way it's a good thing.

Cancer is such a horrible disease. Can strike anyone at any age without warning. But even if you're given a poor prognosis you must keep faith & pray that you will recover. Miracles do happen.
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Thank you for sharing your story. I will keep you and your child in my thoughts and I hope for your continued health!

O.K. That's it... now you get a private message... Dan

<p>Congratulations on your incredible, beautiful spirit!</p>

Sounds horrible. I can't imagine how you felt. Well, I am glad you survived. What where your first symptoms?

Jaundice, weight loss, stomach pain, swelling & loss of appetite. I had found out I had 11 polyps on my gallbladder 10yrs prior. Doctor didnt seem concerned or worried about it. They never bothered checking up on it over the years. Glad I don't have them as a physician anymore.


Wow. That is a miracle. The other miracle is you actually getting enrolled in the SF program which essentially nurses you back to health. Incredible. Those programs, even though I sometimes disagree with their "fraternity" mindset in who they actually determine is "worthy", can literally be life savers. Since it was all trials, were you out of pocket anything?

I lost my best friend to cancer about 3 years ago. A beautiful 27 year old woman who I would've taken several bullets for.

I can only imagine the horror of coming home every night and having no one to discuss this with (other than your daughter who I assume is rather young). You've proven your strength in this ordeal and that is to be commended. Keep strong!

I am happy to read that you are improving. Sounds like you received the miracle you were hoping for.

great story - thanks for sharing

Happy for your recovery ..... we each get "hints" some people's stronger and more life threatening than others.... but they all remind us to "live in the moment" and to "live each day as it may be our last" .... something we are not taught or incentivized to do as it would disrupt our service to the cultural machine.....

Miracles happen

My prayers with you, you are strong girl and you will fully recovered.

Do glad you are doing much better!

Some people very close to me had do fight against the same enemy. My mom is still here and now, after 2 years, they say she's healed. Seing her weak was one the worst thing in my life, but now she's ok. Never give up. I'm close to you <3

I've had two different types of cancer; melanoma skin cancer, and prostate cancer. I had melanoma when I was 30 years old. I was given about a 50/50 chance, seeing that there was significant penetration into the skin. But, there were some good signs. There were no signs of cancer cells around the primary tumor, which they removed. I've had 30 years complete remission.
My uncle had a highly aggressive melaonma, that had spread to the lymph nodes. They told him to get his affairs together. The treatment he received was a "shot in the dark." He was about 55 when he was diagnosed. Today, he is 95! He had two wives who died of cancer.
I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2007. I had surgery in 2008. Most of my problem was really an extremely enlarged gland. This was making my psa very high. (psa is a chemical marker for cancer in men, although it doesn't necessarily mean cancer ) I had several biopsies over a few years, all of them negative, in spite of a high psa. Then, they found an indicator in one of my biopsies. They told me to come in asap, and have another one done. Right near the spot where they found the "indicator,"
they found some low grade cancer cells. This was like finding a needle in a haystack. This wasn't a particularly life threatening form of cancer. I may have gone many years without any symptoms. I may have died from something else before they found it.
But, I did choose to go the route of a radical prostatectomy. I wanted that out!
I wish you the best. I know what it's like to go through that. It was scary when the doctors were always examining my lymph nodes. At first, I had to go in every three months. It was a long term thing. Melanoma is never said to be "cured." It's just remission. It is ten years before you are "mostly clear" compared to five years for most other cancers.

I know a lot about melanoma &amp; prostate cancer too. My grandfather had melanoma successfully removed...he also had stage 4 prostate cancer at the age of 88. He went the route of internal radiation pellets &amp; external radiation. He made a full recovery after he was given 6months to live. My father also had prostate cancer...he went the same route as you and had it removed. My sister dies at the age of 13 from bone marrow cancer. And my Nani died of colon cancer a few years ago. It effects everyone in some way. It's devastating. So, good to hear you've made a recovery. Wishing you many many more glorious years :)

<p>Hang in there! Get well, get strong, be free. Will pray for you.</P><br />
<p>Hot off the news<br />
Boxer Omar Henry dies at 25 of Gall Bladder Cancer 12/0/1 boxing record and cancer won...</P>what a shame, so young

That's so sad :(

My prayers are with you

Thank you Tammy


Thank you.

I know someone that had blood cancer and was given 6 months to live with a 0% chance of living past a year. He is still alive 5 years later and the cancer is no longer detectable!

Wow. Blood cancer is almost never survivable. God bless him. One lucky friend you have there :) Should take him with you to Vegas.

Very touching. I would love to know more.