I Am A Cancer Survivor

Hi I am a 36 years old housewife, who was diagnosed with brain tumor last August of 2012. When I learned about it. I was really shocked and it broke my heart knowing that I might die and leave my loveones so early. After 3 long nights of thinking, praying and crying in the hospital. It came to me that I should accept the truth so the the doctors can do their part in putting me in shape again.

In September 2012, I agreed to underwent surgery but only 70% of the tumor was removed. Pathological report said it was Oligoastrocytoma (WHO grade II) it is characterized as a slow growing brain cancer. After 2 months, I started to feel the headeach just like I had before I was diagnosed, so I came back to my doctor. They requested an MRI, then they found out that the remaining 30% is growing fast. Since they cannot do another surgery on me in such a short span of time. I was just recommend to have it removed thru radiation and chemotherapy. Luckily I am still here fighting for the sake of my loveones.
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Before I did my RT treatment for breast cancer, I read a lot about it. It is amazing what they can do with the new machines for targeted treatment. Hope the treatment goes well.