Cancer Has Been Cured Through Siddha Yoga (Chanting A Mantra)

I would like to share this story with all my friends on this forum and
want them to get benefited from this magical Yoga practice which cured
many cancer patients from their stages of cancer

Let me start with a story...

I have a friend from India and he recently got diagnosed with blood
cancer, doctors told him that he is in his last stages of cancer (33%Leukemia Blood Cancer). and there is no hope for him, as he belongs to a poor family he had no money to do go for expensive therapies ( doctors told him that no kimo therapy would help). Then after few days he met one of his friend who told him through Siddha Yoga
( a way of meditation as described on www[dot]the-comforter[dot]org) he can many patients in India and abroad have been totally cured.

He started doing meditation and mantra chanting with deep concentration, after 5 months doctors did a checkup and they were surprised to know that the cells stopped dying permanently and he has been totally cured from blood cancer.

The organization, who teaches siddha yoga, has put up his medical reports which shows complete cure and many such cured cases can be provided on request.
here is the link to the cured case (www[dot]the-comforter[dot]org/patient-reports-anil.php)

To all my friends on this forum, i am proving a brief on how to do this meditation
( as given on www[dot]the-comforter[dot]org)

1) Meditation or the Mantra deeksha is given only on thursday
2) on Thursday watch this video www[dot]the-comforter[dot]org/siddha-yoga-philosophy-and-online-initiation.html

3) the founder and patron of siddha yoga guru Siyag, explains how to
do the meditation

How fast you can get cured of cancer depends on with how much
concentration you do the mantra chanting and please concentrate on
the mantra pronunciation, it may take a few days for proper pronunciation
but once the chanting starts from within your self it will be very easy to chant
the mantra.

Please go through this website for more details and understanding of how meditation and mantra chanting can cure Cancer

Thanks my friends,

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That's great that you're sharing this. Please keep spreading the awareness.