Cervical Cancer

In my 2ND year of nursing school I felt that something was wrong went to my gyn and had a pap done it came back showing dysphagia I was sent to an oncologist who perform a punch biopsy, then tried laser surgery, I had cervical cancer I had a Radical hysterectomy on Easter break spent 5 days in the hospital,went home with a catheter and returned to school, 1 week later the catheter was removed. I never had to have chemo or radiation, but all my pelvic lmyph nodes are gone. 6 yrs later I wasn't felling well and after countless tests i had a exploratory laparotomy,the surgery lasted 3 hrs but I stayed in recovery for 6 hrs because they could not control my pain,they had left my overies from the first surgery and they had adhered them selves to my bowel, bladder, ureters,and bassicly everything inside thet spent hours scrapping my overies off my organs then used dye to make sure there were no tears or holes. it was more pain ful then the first. But I'm cancer free going on 13 yrs Praise GOD

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yay for being cancer free!!! Best of luck in future :) Your a strong person! Always remember that.