Between East And West My Testimonial

I was 24 when i was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, 10 years ago i was diagnosed a fibrocystic sickness, i took two surgeries and the doctor in that time said to my mom the suggestion to careful to me because maybe in one future it could be to get a Breast Cancer, i think my story is really complex, because i survived but in God Strong, when i was took my treatment, i continued to work, go to the chemotherapy, i took a double mastectomy, radiotherapy and now hormonetherapy my beautiful hairs was lost, and why my story title called like this?, because before started the strong treatment, i made a journey to a place when you can see Europe between Asia crossing a bridge, it was not easy to accept in that time my diagnosis and i just wanted to see for a last time a person who loved almost more than my own life.
A Friend writer wants to make a book about my story, and i writing in this moment all about me and my life, this is a small small piece of my testimonial. and i just want to say to the other survivors, that now is a second chance to live in other good conditions, love the persons who doesn't live us in the worst parts of the treatment, keep patience with the people who don't understand this personal pain, keep out into our lifes the persons who wanted to bother us, and survive with out new changes into our bodies.

Thanks a lot :) and God Bless
Jatalina Jatalina
26-30, F
Oct 25, 2013