Primary Bone Cancer

It's rare and it usually happens to people that work with radioactive material, which I did  at one point in my life.

11 years ago I was going down a slide at a water park.  After landing in the water I started to experience an amazing pain, like a broken bone.  At the time I was in amazing shape and could bench 325lbs, run 6 miles no problem.  I was built.  So, I shrugged it off.  Two weeks later the pain was getting unbearable.  Went to the Doc and he said here take these.  4 weeks later I went back and said doc I dont feel so good.  He said take some of these.  4 weeks later I begged for an xray.  That night the doc call me at home.  He had F****ked up.

I spent the following 3 years in treatment and 8 surgeries.

I am now cancer free.

The better news is I was so sick I got a great employment settlement, which allowed me to persue a new phase in my life.

I still to this day suffer with enormous bone pain - I take 90 to 120mg of Morphine a day and 300 mg of lyrica, and 1200mg of lodine.  Enough to make most people walking zombies.  It;s enough for me to feel normal.

My wife also had cancer.  Colon, vaginal, bladder.  She has bags for everything.  It also destroyed her labido and took away her sexual identity.  You will find my quit lengthy posts in the sexless marraige section.

At least I am here for the beer.

Thanks for reading.

There is light at the end of the tunnel for the lucky few.  Maybe you will live long enough to die.


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2 Responses Feb 12, 2009

Hey, Im a 16 year old Girl and i too had primary bone cancer. i was eight at the time and i began to notice sharp pains in my hip joint when i had to sit on the carpet at school. my mum took me to the doc and they gave me pills for growing pains, when these didnt stop we went back and the doc sent us away again. we left it 2 months before returning and when we went, he finally gave me an x-ray and tests. i got told i had bone cancer in my hip bone, knee joint and lower leg bone. i have had over 30 opperations and i have no real bones in my right leg, they are all metal. i have constant bone pains and i also take tones of medication. im still on 100mg of morphine and my cancer was 8 years ago. im still on crutches and i have scaring all down my legs. it has really damaged my self confidence and took away most of my childhood. your story really helped, made me feel less on my own so thank you.<br />
my thorghts go out to you.<br />

I am so happy for you're rcovery!!!!!!!Congratulations on you're great out-look....