I Survived Melanoma,sqaumous Cell, Sweat Duct

For many years I had a mole on my arm for as long as I can remember, even as a tike.  When I turned 22, I worked in a hospital. The surgeon saw it one day and said get that off tomorrow young lady. I went to see him and he scheduled me to go in the next day. I had no clue. When he listed my surgery on the list it said removal of melonoma.  Omg. I was so surprised.  Well he is cutting away at this montrous mole and he said Boy are you lucky. I said what? He said this thing has a root that wraps around your wrist and that is where all the baddies are.  Lucky day for you.   I was grateful.

For the years that followed, I had a lot of skin cancers.  Then they were found in weird places where the sun dont shine. 

Four years ago, I had found a lump on my foot. I was told by a Podiatrist that it was a nueroma. He told me to take Viox and get over it. A year later it was hard and painful and it was keeping me awake. I went back to him and he told me to stop being a big baby.  He has several neuroma's and one should cause me to cry.  I went to another doctor.

He said this is a fibroma. We will take it out. Well he did almost...he only took out half of it. Dont ask me why? I dont know. Then I learn it is a Sweat duct carcinoma and rare, but all the path reports said go back to surgery and chunk that out. My podiatrist refused to do it and kept saying wait...GEES

It turned out that this doctor left part of it in there. I found another doctor and it was out and ok. He said "dont worry abou it. Live your life. He said it is so rare, I cannot tell you what is next.   Just enjoy life.  I think he is right. 


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I think that would be a smart idea. any dermatoligist should do a complete skin check once a year.

Oh my. That sounds very scary! I've had a lot of sunburns in my time and your story is definitely making me want to get the new freckles/moles that have sprung up over the past 3 years all checked out.

I have olive Italian skin and I'm regretting all of the days of my teen years, lying on the beach slathered in baby oil too.<br />
I don't have any spots like you but I do have some white unpigmented spots. Thank you for your sage, sound advice.

Thank you JoJo. Anymore, you have to be ever vigilant on your health. As the way I see it nobody cares for your body as much as you do. Right?<br />
Yes, your skin is the largest organ and it deserves our attention every day. Boy do I regret all those days on the beach baking in baby oil. Thanking you for reading this story.

Oh my! What a happy, bittersweet story! Thankfully, you had the first one removed. I guess whenever we have something related with our skin or lumps in our skin, we need to go see a dermatologist. What a great lesson, Shellfinder. I am glad you listened to your heart (and that first surgeon) and you are well today. Life life to its fullest!<br />
All the best!