21 Years Old.. Lung and Testicle

It has been 28  years since I was told I would die in the next 5!

I remember it was just before Halloween. I was attending tech shool for electronics. My then wife of 2 years noticed the swelling on my right testicle. Saw the doctor and he recommended it be removed! Huh? Definitly cause for a second opinion. The second doctor said to drive straight to the hospital and get it done now! Okay so on Oct 31 I was admitted. During the routine x-ray for admission, they found a shadow on the film. (yea, I did smoke at the time). They didn't tell me about the shadow, they just kept taking more films of my chest and pasted lead "N"s to my nipples. I kind of knew something was wrong.

While being wheeled down to surgery (I had been injected with some kind of drugs for pain), I was singing "I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts" and was asking the orderly to turn the gurney sideways so I could pinch the nurses walking by... one of them said "he's not quite out yet" ha

Later on that day I woke up in my hospital bed in substantial pain. I didn't want to get up but they made me. When I saw the doctor, he told me they wanted to check my chest. They thought the shadows were in my hylar nodes? Some lymph nodes located in the chest, and that they needed to biopsy them. That surgery happened two days later.

Funny thing happened. While being strapped to the operating table, a nurse came in and placed my chart on my lap, painfull but I didn't care too much because of the pain meds.. I asked her if she had read that chart? She kind of looked at me and staired. I asked her to read the chart. I could see the light go on in her face as she read about my previous surgery. She then turned red and apologized for the chart dropping. I had to laugh. About that time the anasthesiologist thought it was a good time to put me out.

I was back in my room and the Doc came in and told me the operation was negative.  Wow ,, this was great I thought.

Couple of weeks later they started radiating me from neck to testicles. Something wasn't right with that in my  mind. After a few treatments I stopped and went to a major cancer center in NYC. They told me the truth. The doctors thought I was stage 3 and were radiating for a reason.

I checked into Sloan Ketering on Dec 20th. For chemo. Pre-testing began and didn't end until Dec 24th, Christmas eve. At that time they decided the shadow was actually in my lung and required surgery before chemo or radiation. Prognosis.... 5% chance to survive 5 years.

Most tearful Christmas. Went back to hospital on Jan 11.  Right lower lobe of lung removed.  Re-radiated from neck to Testicles.

Lucky for you reading this.. I have to go to work now and must cut this short.

Bottom line... God loves me. He has something for me to do on this earth. I have been cancer free for 28 years.

I just felt like sharing.   Love to everybody..   

God loves us all.


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1 Response Mar 19, 2009

DANG! You have been through A LOT! Good freakin job of staying alive this long and to be cancer free! Much respect to you!!!