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Keep the Faith!

I am an 18 year breast cancer survivor. I had a modified radical mastectomy when I was 40 years old. No family history, and I thought I was leading a healthy lifestyle at the time of diagnosis. I am an avid believer in exercise and eating organically, whenever possible. Be your own health advocate and stay positive! I did not undergo chemo, per say, just put on the drug tamoxifen for five years. My family was not very supportive, so I had to rely on my own perseverance and strength to get myself through this ordeal. God bless those people who have family and friends to help support them through a cancer diagnosis. For me, my faith has always been my mainstay. Try to appreciate each and every day God has given you to enjoy on this earth.


tigereyes tigereyes 56-60 Jun 6, 2009

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