I, like all you out there, would not have invited cancer in invade my body, but it did anyway. Noone in their right mind wants to go there. The exception may be those watching a child or spouse go through it. I can understand wanting to go through it instead of them. But even then the person would not choose cancer for anyone.

 I cannot think of anything that is pleasant about cancer treatment. Some treatment options are less obnoxious than others, but they are ALL less than desireable. (While not fun my family and friends insisted that I was cute bald) I learned to go on with my life even when I did not feel like it. I learned that I was/am a much stronger person than I ever thought I was.

I learned that sometimes those around you have more trouble dealing with your illness than you do. I had a friend who to this day cannot accept that I am okay with what I went through. She still thinks that I should stop participating in things going on around me. It was like she was more upset about this than I was. For along time I didn't understand why she was so worried about what I did or didn't do. Finally I think I got it. When she is around me, even now, she has to face her fear of cancer.

I care about this person. I hope that she NEVER has to go through something like this. BUT...I can no longer allow myself to spend time with her. I no longer explain myself to her. I am tired of attempting to convince her that I truely am fine. The cancer is gone. Life goes on. I hope that if she ever faces this demon that she can reach inside and find strength to fight it.

I guess what I am saying is that cancer made me a survivor. I made it through this awful thing. I now choose to spend my time with people who accept me.

I am not only a survivor. I am a thriving survivor.  Why? because I choose daily to live my life to the limit. I choose daily to cast aside my fear of reoccurance. I choose daily to place my faith in God. Why? because He helped me through it the first time and if I have to go there again He will help me then too.

To all you survivors out there I say we wear that title like a badge of courage. Let the world know with pride that you looked cancer in the face and lived to tell about it.



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Hi Everyone who is surviving cancer, (Especially for ColorMeReal)

Being a 50 year survivor of (ALL) Acute Lympoblastic Leukemia, I know about the UPS and DOWNS of the disease. Back in the early sixties, no one talked about it. It was taboo. My friends stayed away from me, as they thought they would "catch it"! I would love for people on this blog to talk more about the surviving cancer than any other topic on here, to OPEN UP and HELP people understand it! I am known as "Ella" in the Pulitzer Prize winning book"The Emperor of All Maladies ": A Biography of Cancer by Dr. Sid Mukherjee. PBS will be coming out with a documentary, three part series in the Spring of 2015 (which I am in). This is my second documentary. The first one was almost two years ago, "The Enemy WithIn".

You are here for a reason! Don't let negatives destroy your positives! I had a friend before I got ALL and I thought she was my best friend but I found out later on in years, that it wasn't true. I let it bother me but i was finding out that it was putting me in a depression that I didn't need, not to mention wasting my time of surviving on "borrowed-time"! I am now helping other children and others by putting out my story. I am in the mist of writing a book on my life. Remember, you are here for a reason. Enjoy it and put it to good use where others can gain and recover, by! Good Luck, dear and God Bless! Karen (also known as Ella)

people sharing their survivor stories really makes me feel good inside - only now do I share, when I was battling cancer in 2006 I didn't want anyone to know.

This story is so inspiring in so many ways. It's great that you learned so much about yourself and those around you in your personal battle with cancer. I have lost two people in my life to cancer (lost my dad in 2000 to lung cancer and my uncle three weeks ago to liver cancer) so that was definitely hard on both ends. <br />
However, to hear that someone of your magnitude and strength makes me realize there is the will-power to survive. Not to be mean or anything, but I think you needed to remove that friend from your life. People can sometimes bring you down when you need them to appear strong for you. I really enjoyed your story.

That's amazing...I hope he gets it. Especially because he'll be like the Hair Club For Men dude - not only the inventor, but also a survivor!

Very touching story. I am glad you came through it ok.<br />
There are many who don't fare so well. I have lost friends and loved ones who fought bravely. <br />
<br />
There is hope on the horizon for cancer treatment. <br />
They have come up with a way to inject micro particles of metal into tumors then using radio waves the metal particles heat up and destroy to tumor.<br />
<br />
They even foresee a way of injecting into the blood stream and the metal particles will attach themselves to the cancer cells. The radio waves will kill the cells.<br />
<br />
This can't happen to soon. The inventor is not a doctor at all but a man who has cancer himself. He was a radio buff.<br />
If he lives long enough to get this is operation I think he will be a Nobel Prize Winner. I can't recall his name but his idea and advancements are amazing.

Cancer is scary. I cannot imagine having something that didn't belong inside my body controlling everything. My mom died, but I knew people who beat it. Your story is beautiful. It gives me hope for that possibility that I might one day have cancer. Survival is possible. More people need to know that. I think that if your friend could read something like this, she might feel differently. God is in control. It sounds cliche, but for Christians, that is the final word. Your faith is astounding!

So glad you are a survivor!The first time I met my Mother-in -Law was in hospital where she was recovering from a mastectomy. That was nearly 29 years ago...and the Battle-Axe is still going strong!;-)

Marji, your comment means sooo much to me. Thank you sharing of your grandmother. She obviously had it much much worse than I. Noone knows what they are capable of until forced to face it.

Anytime Cyndi!! In your own right youre a super hero!!! I look up to you!

Thanks patchwork and pic.

I am so glad that you are a "Survivor" Cyndi!! I see the strengths in you each and every day!! You are an inspiration to so many people who read your story. I thank you for this story. Let me just say that your friend has no idea what shes lost!!! Im lucky to have you as my friend!! I accept you for all that you are and all that you have went through! You are strong person! I want to thank you for all that you do!!! Luv ya sweetie!!

I meant to say"mortality". If we were immortal cancer would never be a problem!!

Patchwork, I am so sorry your dad had to go through that kind of treatment. It is no fun. I am not sure where you live, but the American Cancer Socity the people that walk through a cancer patients journey with them co-survivors. You lost you dad, you supported hin through his battle. That is alot to deal with. You have ever right to feel the fear, pain, anger, whatever it is you feel. Allow yourself that luxury without apology. After all, cancer effects All the people it touches not just those it invades.<br />
Hugs to you patchwork

I am crying right now as I read this. I commend you for your courage in facing cancer. My father had cancer and while he was not particularly religious before cancer, I think he found renewed faith. He would always tell me "I am not afraid to die,God has a plan for me. <br />
<br />
The cancer treatment *was* bad. My father worked in the hospital where he got his treatments. Instead of treating him nicely, though, his doctor recommended he go to the "clinic" part of the hospital. It was all these defeated people, sitting around in lounge chairs, listless while chemicals went in their blood. Then, on the way out, all the people he worked with would stop him and you could see the fear in their eyes as they chatted. They were facing their own immortality, too, although no one would say it. Sorry~~your story opened a floodgate.

I'm so glad that your ok and found the strength and courage to fight it!! Well done.....I hope you NEVER have to go through anything as awful again. <br />
<br />
PS I bet you did look cute bald :)<br />
<br />