Vulvar Cancer, Will Life Ever Be The Same Again?

After being diagnosed with vulvar cancer last august I under went a radical vulvectomy.  I had a 4mm invasion and the tumor was rather in the middle so ended up having lymph nodes on both sides of my groin removed.  They are pretty sure they got everything or so they say.  After the surgery I got an infection on the left side where my lymph nodes were removed and ended up having to have another surgery to remove the dead tissue there and then a wound vac put on for 6 weeks to help heal the area.

I'm now 5months out and am very happy to say that I can pretty much do everything I could before (except for sex).  Its nice to be able to once again use the restroom by myself get around without assistance.  I am still not healed however and still have alot of pain and occasional bleeding yet vaginally.   I recently switched doctors and they are having me try some creams to try to promote healing.

I also have lichen scolorisis (dont know how to spell it) so the skin is rather frail and therefore they think that could be part of my issues with why I am not healing.  Also its a sign (which they dont think though) that it could be the cancer yet that they didnt get it all.  If these creams do not help in a months time, showing improvement they want to do more surgery taking a larger area of skin around my last surgery to hopefully get healther tissue and promote healing.  God I hate this idea!

I now have issues with edema in both my legs.  The right one worse then the left but not by much.  Starting treatment for that this week so hopefully that will get better with time. 

I would really love to find others that have had a similar experience to talk with.  Or any other female/male that has had a cancer that has impacted you sexually that wouldnt mind discussing how they deal with this.  I have a great marriage and my husband is very understanding and just fantastic but sometimes I just dont feel like I can tell him how I am feeling when it comes to sex life.  I wonder if we will ever be like we used to, have so many fears when it comes to that area of my life now that I used to take for granted. Just would be nice to have someone that has been there and knows how I feel to talk with.

SlcSue66 SlcSue66
41-45, F
Feb 27, 2010