Overcame Twice!

I have had cancer removed twice from my bladder.  It has been eight years and as of my annual check with the urologist, I have no sign of cancer now.  I was living in San Francisco when I first found out I had a cancer in my bladder.  First I started to have a pity party, but got right to the urologist who confirmed and operated on me to remove it four days later.  This started me on a four year regime.  When my fourth year had arrived and I was to go to the Doctor for that final exam, he cancelled the appointment that would have occurred in December, but changed the appointment for January.  Thank Almighty God for that, because if he would have done the exam in December it would have shown that I was cancer free, however, when I went to my appointment in January it was superficial and not in the lining yet, but on top and was coming back.  So small could have fit o the fingernail of my pinky finger.  Well, I had another surgery that got it all and after the next four years it hadn't returned.  It has been eight years and when I had my yearly exam last year (2009) I was told that I am still cancer free. 

So I AM A SURVIVOR, in more ways than one.

luscious0328 luscious0328
Feb 27, 2010