The Bright Side
At their best, Cancerians are sensitive, kind and sympathetic with an urge to nurture and care for people which expresses itself particularly strongly through the home and family. This is the 'soft' side of the Cancer personality. Meanwhile, the 'hard' side is very enterprising, shrewd and also self-assured.


When attuned to the rhythms of their own nature, Cancerians are intuitive, imaginative and resourceful, knowing when to reach out to others and when to withdraw into their inner self for sustenance


The Cancer personality is extremely protective of a vulnerable underside. There is a hard shell which is outwardly tough and impenetrable; but inwardly Cancer is highly sensitive and caring, even if this tendency is well hidden from the rest of the world.

The Dark Side
Cancerians have great trouble deciding between the tough, ambitious and outgoing side of their nature and the sensitive, emotional, inward-looking part. This can create great conflict and swings of mood which makes it impossible for other people to assess how the somewhat contrary Cancerian will react at any time.


Cancer also has a deep inferiority complex, so that any hurt, real or imagined is brooded upon. Cancer sometimes shows too a tendency to look back at, and hold on to things of the past and can be a very possessive sign. This highlights an inherently conservative aspect of their nature although as a Cardinal sign, they will also often initiate changes.
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It does!

Is it just me or does Full Moon affect us?!

fits me to the t<br />
my mom hurt me so i am hiding in my shell right now and not calling her. <br />
one other thing i do that i dont like...i avoid conflict

i certainly approve of this..perfectly describes me...

i certainly approve of this..perfectly describes me...

No problem! :)

Thanks for the description of cancer. I appreciate you taking the time.

Same here. It's why I chose it. ^.^

Out of all those cancer personality descriptions, this one suits me the best. ^.^