I've Always Felt Very Strongly About My Sign.

I love being a cancer.. it describes me & my relationships spot on.
I'm planning on my next tattoo being the cancer symbol, not quite sure how I shouuld get it done.. but thats definitely my next. Any advice on what I should get?
My boyfriends a scorpio & everywhere I look it says his birthday is my best match, october 30th <3 :p

ALSO I wanted to add that my best friends are always Geminis.. they seem to be more outoing & controlling, where as I am quieter.. they always are the source of my new friendships and everything.
Charvey94 Charvey94
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 17, 2011

you know,....that's true with me too! I am single BUT my last relationship was with a gemini for 4 years & my mom'a a scorpio. i am in love with virgos right now though.