Cancers Are the Best:)

 I am a typical cancer, and I am always amazed by how close my horoscope is to whats really goin on.
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word my zodiac is so on point . i play like you want to get to know me read this lol. yeh im nuts. lol good name for a group.(yeah im nuts)

How dare you, this is for the sign Cancer you motherfu(ker.<br />
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my girlfriend is a cancer...weird....<br />
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I have beat cancer ...this is a great group..I'm a 15 year survivor of bone cancer..The doctors gave me a 25% chance of living...boy were the doctors dead wrong..Since then I have devoted my life to motivate and inspire others..I have helped thousands with my newsletter which is completly free...I just want to give back and share my knowlege and experiences...<br />
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Remember Keep Smiling<br />
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I'm a cancer, too.<br />
I agree, it seems that the horoscope is made for me sometimes!