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July = Cancer

Yep I'm a Cancer && Ms. Emotional... I'm such a cancer its kinda sad lol once again... I'm Emotional... Loving... Caring...  AND Emotional lol I know I already said that... :-) I'm a rollercoster of emotions && feelings... Everyday, Heck every hour && minute is different from me... I also love helpin people && be there in anyway that I can be... but at the same time if you make me upset... I can be your wrost -- well you already know... I love to be creative, may not be super good at it but who care... Sometimes I dont want to be bothered... SO LEAVE ME THE BEEP alone... and other times I need my friends... who I love and will always be there for even if they arent there for me..

MsJuicyBoo MsJuicyBoo 22-25, F 10 Responses Feb 22, 2009

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Unsolved we talked bout this before... I dont remember I know I did a story on it... <br />
<br />
Totally... :D you got it down pat... and when i say you'll never met one like me... you wont... us cancer may be alike but we still have are differences too

ohhhhhhhhhhhh yes ! We are emotional with a capital E! Your best friend, or your worst enemy-- but we are what we are !<br />

and your moon sign is pisces right?

LOL... thats what love to hear... Sometimes its hard for others to understand... but is just me... Just me bein a Cancer

I soooooo get you! From one emotional cancer to another!<br />
hugs,<br />

:)... Us Cancer's rule... yeppers we sure do!!!

I love my Cancer! I forgot you're a Cancer too.

LOL shut up Solid you love me... hehe...

well I have them up for the world to read so why would i mind... I had a lot of stories... but this is a new name for me so I may be a lil slow gettin stories up

lol... Yep us cancers are something else...

we dammm sure are Ms JuicyBoo :) lol we dammmm sure areeeeeeee.. lol