EXACTLY !! ..... as Ms. Linda Goodman stated ... here the{shy} crab waits for someone to START !!

..well ! 'HI !!!' to all the cancerians .. and what'sa'mood ?? Wait !! lemme check the current phase of the moon !

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31-35, F
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I am Cancer Sun, Gemini Rising and Cancer Moon :-)

How do you find our your rising?

I'm July 3.
There was just a blue moon the other night. It's weird, this week has been a very emotional and spiritually productive weird because during all the drama & solutions I wasn't even thinking about the moon until now! I must pay closer attention to this phenomenon!

was born on 29th june

Really?!??!?.... Gosh..

HEY :) 8th of July here.... early days I hear mean more emotional... no wonder I am a wreck at times LMAO!..

Same here!

Hey ! .. so what IS your birthday people ???????

BTW .. anyone born 24th June around here ??????

BTW .. anyone born 24th June around here ??????