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A True Capricorn

December 27th, that's my special date.  The day I was born in the cold of winter, as a  Capricorn.  I am truly a Capricorn by all accounts.  Although sometimes I get disgusted by what I read about Capricorn women I find that it describes me to a T.
perspecktives perspecktives 31-35, F 2 Responses Jun 13, 2010

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I was born dec 27 and I think we are smart, caring, giving and many of thy things such as greedy, loners that is not me. I love people and I am so giving

Jan. I'm going to communicate with you. Becuase we're both Capricorns, and because I am a "daddy" to a now ...XX....year old here on EP. We're daddy / daughter -- at least I THINK WE ARE, the last time I looked. But she's capable of changing her mind pretty quickly. <br />
But also being black is in your favour to me.