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Capricorn Man Changed Overnight

I met a Capricorn male about two months ago. I live in NC and he lives in GA. Im a Virgo woman. I was mesmerized by this young man. We started talking over phone, he invited me to GA to visit. For two months, I went there to visit him about 5 or 6 times, (every other week). We never talked about a relationship but I expressed to him during that time that I was going with the flow and I enjoyed his friendship. I expressed to him that it was something about him that I liked alot. He was so humble, kind and down to earth. A perfect match FOR ME! Everything was cool with us. For Christmas I sent him a small gift and on his BDAY I sent him a small gift. He was so appreciative of me and said I was so kind to him and no one has ever thought about him like I do. Everything was going so good, he would call/text everyday. He asked me once, have I ever considered moving to GA and maybe I should consider it. Everything was great! SUDDENLY, he just changed. The calls started coming in less, no communication. My next concern was, I wonder when he's going to invite me back, because we normally make arrangements for the next visit. He never did! So I decided to set up a visit, he said "ok, I'll get back with you". He never did and I figured that was going to be the case, I was just wondering. After all of this, I felt the need to just tell him I think he's changed and I cant go through this with him b/c my feeling are really involved and I dont understand why he changed like this! I emailed him and broke it off b/c I dont understand why he changed and I couldnt afford to keep visiting and he's not the same, just a waste of time. SO AFTER he received the letter, HE NEVER EVEN RESPONDED OR DISCUSSED IT WITH ME. He sent a few texts after the letter saying, Hi, how are you??, What are you doing?? etc??. BUT NEVER MENTIONED THE LETTER! I think this dude is crazy or either playing games. I stop calling as well b/c I dont play games. I've expressed to him through texts that he's wrong for ignoring my concerns and I never thought he would do this. If he isnt interested he could just tell me. So after that he texts me saying, " I FEEL SICK WHEN I WONDER WHERE WE WENT WRONG, IM SORRY IF IVE HURT YOU, I HAVE ISSUES RIGHT NOW". ??????????? Im confused!!! He want answer my calls or fully discuss anything so I've let it go. I dont understand this and what happened, Was I wrong for sending him that letter breaking it off?? I've read over and over that Capricorn men will ignore you, etc etc. Im not understanding but Im not going to waste time either!! SOMEONE THAT KNOWS CAPRICORN MEN, WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THIS!

I also have to add that he asked me during those two months to borrow $250 til a check cleared. He sells cars. I let him borrow the $$, I've never thought he had financial problems. He seems to be financially secure but after asking me to borrow that, I thought differently. After I broke it off with letter and he sent that text, I've still been very cordial with him. I send him a "hello" text about once a week. When I mention anything about this being over or I hate this ended and I will miss you, HE NEVER RESPONDS. If I say, Hi, just checking on you,, HE WILL RESPOND. So I asked him about the $$, paying me back. He told me he was broke right now. I said ok, I understand, well when you get in a better financial spot, just let me know and you can pay me back. So the other day, I saw on facebook where he posted that he spent $2000 that night at the ***** club. I WAS PISSED, so i texted him very angry saying you told me you were broke but you have $2000. SEND ME MY MONEY NOW!!!
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OMG. I am a cancer woman 47, that was dating a cap man, 58 for about 7 months. Same thing- great at first then no time for me -only for his kids and job- month or two at a time I wouldn't see him. Finally said this is not working for me, I can't wait around for you, call me when you have time and we will see what happens. Have not heard from him for 5 weeks, since Dec. 3rd. Did not even wish me Merry Xmas... I was missing him until I read this, now I feel I made the right decision...still a bummer- he got in my head

This is something I see women who get involved with us say very often. I say "us" because, I'm a Capricorn Guy myself. We tend to walk away from things like this all the time. But if he's not telling you why, then something is definitely bubbling underneath that aloof exterior of his. If he's not talking to you at all, then you need to take the initiative, and draw out whatever he's hiding, by any means. Don't just throw the towel on the ring. If he's been saying he's been having some problems, then he might as well be holding up a sign saying, "I'm hiding something underneath my Capricornian exterior! Please draw out whatever it is!"

Jokes aside, don't give up on him. We might seem aloof, but we have a lot of emotions running through us, and some of them we just can't tell to anyone. If he's telling you he's struggling, then he isn't ducking with you. If ANY capricorn tells you about a problem like this, then we must be REALLY hurting inside.

So don't give up. Just next time, when a Capricorn does this to you, then you need to confront them and do whatever it takes to lure out what they're hiding.

I hope this helped.

Girl just experienced dating a Capricorn man Im a Leo and let me tell you after talking to this man by phn 3 and 4 times a day for 5 months and him saying he fell in love with me and we are on the phn praying together and making plans for the future he even spoke of marriage and said I was the love of his life. He met me one time. He lied abt his age. He looked like he used to drink heavy which was a turn off! He was very arrogant self centered cheap and unappreciative. I rolled out the red carpet for him in Atlanta. 5 star hotel planned a lavish dinner and mini surprises for the weekend. This ninga came off the plane COMPLAINING! I sent him home on the next flight the next day! They r too weird and its all abt them! You can either get on their bus and be a spectator in the audience or leave it alone. They always working but blow money on things to keep up with status. They like to disappear and be to themselves and nothing in your life is important enough to come before his issues. They are cold and stubborn and only listen to their own intelligence. They shld date themselves! They ignore you and refuse to communicate if you want to address an issues. My first and last becuz a Capricorn really needs someone that has low self esteem and lets life revolve around him and only him. They dominate the dating websites bcuz they dont have a clue and think they are so damn amazing and its nothing wrong with them it must be everybody else. You know that old man that be at the laundrymat that u can tell used to be attractive but hes alone and cant remember how to wash clothes? Thats a Capricorn man ALONE! nobody is going to put up with that bullshit for long! If I ever encounter another one Im running in the other direction!!!

My capri man ws vry fond of me nd ws madly in love nw sdnly aftr valentines day he disapprd nd evn blocmed me frm whatsapp. Hw to find wats goin on in his mind. Plz hlp

This is NOT a romance; CALL the Po; take him to court, or have a guy from a gym pound on him til he pays up!

Hi there

I am a Capricorn female and engaged to a Capricorn man. His moon is in Libra and mine is also in Capricorn. That is the most complicated part of our relationship but furthermore I understand him exactly. We as Capricorns are VERY difficult people. For me I don't EVER tell anyone I love them unless I really do and when I really do I only say it about 3 times in 6 months! He on the other hand shows affection through talking to me and doing me random favors (rubbing my swollen feet after a long day- I am pregnant) and making me popcorn while I watch the Secret Circle. He is my best friend and when I go to bed and he slips in beside me he holds me until I wake up the next morning like I am his most valuable possession in the whole world. We like to make dinner together and like the same movies and series but to get back to the point I am making is this: If he sees a future with you he will tell you that and if after a while you did something to make him distrust you (we distrust easily for no apparent reason at all) he would think you through. If he then decides that you are not worth it, he will cut you off directly! I've done this with previous boyfriends who I then left confused and took pleasure out of them not knowing what went wrong. (I know- evil as can be) That is EXACTLY what he will do. Otherwise if you always stay the same never change never give him a chance to wonder about you. You will be treated like a queen. They are excellent fathers and they want to take care of you in every possible way. Just never forget even if your there most valuable possession, their job is more important because the job is what helps them to take care of you like they want to! xx

No. You are an idiot. Anyone who believes in astrology is an idiot.

And yet here you are on a page dedicated to Astrology.

Whose the idiot again, lol?

Hold on, I'll wait.....

You are the idiot

It's who's not whose!

Still arguing with yourself, I see?
I'll let you work that out.

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Could some Of You Guys Come Help Me With My Experience ???? It's On My Page And Is Very Similar To This . Please &' Thank You !

well, i too hate cap men...i dated one for almost a year..and what all i learned from exp is that they all are money minded, emotionless and ruthlessly ambitious ppl..stay away frm these men..and yes, no matter what u did for him..they vl nvr respond back...B***** A*******

man all the story some so similar I was with a guy for about 5 months I'm a cancer girl older he's 26 of a6 year relationship with a little girl but he moved on very independent was head over heels for me for the first two months we have the best connection physically but even more mentally he said he never known anyone like me he said all these nice things call text me and then he stopped he done this multiple times but this time he's blocked me from the cell phone that I gave him an old one I have and I haven't talked to me since for no apparent reason he broke my heart he does make me feel terrible he's really nothing and I have everything going for me but I still love him to death he was like my best friend I don't know how to move on

He's not your friend;he just needed a phone!

*cracks knuckles*Okay, confused ladies, strap on your seat-belts and put your big girl panties on.Now, you can keep dealing with this rigid individual,if you want to, but it's gonna end in heartbreak and it's going to hurt badly. They won't let you go, nor give you any kind of absolution or freewill to walk away from them. They will keep you in a perpetual state of confusion, just for their own amusement. It doesn't matter how much you love him, do for him, screw him,encourage him, give him space, it won't fukking matter. Once he has boxed you in with his sneaky domination, you are trapped in a four- quarters position like a strung up chicken over a burning flame. He is not going to save you from yourself . He is the bad guy. Your displeasure is his enjoyment. Now you might call me crazy and might say I am exaggerating, but you have a bigger responsibility to yourself, to step away from this person. Yeah, they come on strong, demand entry into your life, pulling all kinds of crazy antics and you might think it's endearing at first, but I am here to tell you all roads end somewhere, and with some of them, it's a dead end. Mines swept me off my feet. Hung on to my every word. Let me show him things he didn't understand and when the chase was over and I was irrevocably in love with him, he shifted gears on me like he was riding a Challenger doing about 120 mph on the slab(expressway), trying to avoid a wreck. Believe me, his hot/cold demeanor is doing you a favor. If he is not happy or on top in his own life, he could give a fukk less about yours. He's not there for you, he's there for himself. Trying to sap your power, to power his own life. And once he get what he needs, like a puff of smoke from a blunt, he's gone.Take care, ladies.If you are strong enough to deal like my mom was, they will eventually turn into great guys, ONLY if they truly love you. But old habits will die hard

I completely agree with everything. I have known this capricorn man in my life over 7 years and what started as a beautiful friendship over the years somehow led to more. The chemistry between us has always been undeniable. He was always a player dealing with many women without any sympathy or remorse. So eventually he started dating and went Into a few relationships. We kept each other informed and became great friends over the years. He would give me advice on men and I would be doing the same letting he in on what to get for the women he was dating at the time. So a few months back we started just casually meeting up and didn't label it as a date because we have known each other for so long. Our dates were fun, interesting and he would take me anywhere I wanted to go. Treated and pampered me, and really made me feel special. After several dates and constantly keeping in touch via text. He stopped speaking to me. Well it all started with an argument, and I told him do not swear or use abusive language I respect him and I expect the same on return and made it clear I will not be spoken to this way and bare in mind I have had an argument with him once before (when seeing him) and they are cold, brutal and just genuinely don't care about your feelings. So after that argument over text I waited for him to respond. After exactly a week he messages me and apologises for swearing. I was shocked but didn't want to get on his level ignoring him but neither did I want to reply straight away. So I waited till after midnight and told him that it took him that long. To my surprise the next morning he messages back saying he has been busy! Just busy. Not explaining his sudden disappearance. Not asking how I've been or what I've been upto. Almost as if it was forced out of him. Very obvious he didn't want to speak. So I let it be and did not reply. What would I have to say?! So it's been over 2 weeks now since that minimal communication. Valentines day passed. I did not get a text or anything from him. Pretty inconsiderate and harsh. He has been Indirectly trying to get my attention. Not sure if he wants me to speak to him? Or just wants to keep me there? Well anyway it doesn't make sense in my mind if he wants to still pursue what he started with me he would continue but he has left things and doesn't care to explain himself at all. I have gone through various thoughts about him disappearing and I have not come to any valid conclusions. But the only thing I can sum up is that he thinks it's okay to do what he's doing and will keep going as long as he wants. I don't approve but don't want to come on too strong, he likes being independent and do his own thing and I'm the same. So I'm still very confused. If I move on because I can easily convince myself this won't go anywhere and move on. But I care about him like no other guy. Then I'm worried what if he's under stress and trying to deal with family and his job right now. So not sure what direction I want to take. Also I don't particularly approve of his family they are dishonest, liars and will never tell anyone the truth because they are too proud and want to have things their own way. I care about him and not really keen on his family. I just think right now I need to sort things out but don't want to approach him and make that move. Any advice? Should I say something? Or am I doing the right thing by ignoring him and giving him the chance to come back and speak to me on his own terms and if he wants to speak to me?

He is still that player, doing what he'always did,with no remorse....has he sent flowers to apologize? Dump this psychopath!

I don't think he understands the concept of valentines day or any romantic gesture. I thought capricorn men were stable! But putting the astrology to the side he's had a few arguments with me and used horrifying language, I've stayed calm because I won't respond or argue over something like that and were mature adults. At least I thought he was. But it's been over a month. He tried to get my attention but won't approach me and apologise or start any sort of conversation. I've known him for so many years and I wish I didn't care like this but I wouldn't put up with his BS. What do I do?? I don't want to wait for him and hope that he starts to reconcile what we have or had but I don't want to approach him because I believe it should be him making that effort after everything

He is bi-polar. Are you still interested?

He was great as a friend! I actually really care about him but taking things into a relationship perspective he acts so different. And I'm the only one that's still the same me. I don't understand how knowing him and being close to him for so many years he would react and respond differently once dating?! Strange.

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I can't wait to go in on this when I get home, because I have a few observations about the Capricorn male, seeing that my father and ex-lover were Capricorns..

So stay tuned and it won't be pretty.

Yeah let me know I would be interested. My mothers a capricorn. But male capricorns are not exactly like the females

well I am kinda living the same experience, unfortunately. I have dated this cap. man for almost a year, we were very fine. he was caring and loving. He admired my intelligence, my job, my career, my life and never stopped telling me that he never met anyone like me.. that he loved me, that I am the one for him and that he never considered someone to be the mother of his children like he is seeing me being that one.

Things got very serious and families got involved, we were prepping for our engagement party.. when 2 weeks before, he started having big issues at his job.
He said things were getting very complicated and that he is in deep ****. He said for now he can't handle anything but his very serious work related issue that may take him to jail if not solved.

He was communicating less and less, we were not calling anymore .. only texting from time to time .. I was very concerned about our relationship, I planned a future with this man, I was already in love with him and I started being very pushy, being a scorpio :( it was very tough.

Then we stopped talking at all, it has been a month and a half now ..
I didn't understand and I still don't .. I sent messages saying I needed an explanation to this .. he doesn't reply in most cases but when he does he says the same thing again that he wants to have some time to handle his problems.

I am stopping all kind of communication, deleted him from FB, uninstalled whatsapp and Skype .. he didn't care less.

I know I have to move on but it is so hard ..

Kells,relax and let that man solve his own problems, before you end up having to call the po on him.

When your dating a capricorn man you have to learn and prepare to spend a lot of time alone, because the relationship itself is about being apart. And capricorn believe in *absence makes the heart grow fonder* so they so. Im a scorpio woman and this capricorn man has been ignoring me too over a month so your not alone. If he needs to solve his issues give him space. If your both right for each other and you say you care about him like you say you do then you will wait, and he will come back and make things work. If you both care like you say then this will get resolved. But he does care there's just no way knowing he does because he won't really talk about it, and the fact you deleted Skype and whatsapp. He will miss the attention and you I'm fact. Just let him do what he needs to do. And if he's worth it he will be back. Stay strong fellow scorpio

My capricorn man is the sweetest man at one minute.... Then they most coldest persons I've ever come across???? I wish I had looked into capricorn men before I got myself this deep in.... Cause now I can't live without him. No matter how mean he is, I'd still pick him over anyone else in this world,.... I feel crazy for loving this man!!!!

That's their trademark.
One minute a lover, next minute a stranger.

Who can live this way? Get out with your sanity, ma!

You just may be! Cold and Crazy make for a bad union!

I feel the exact same! Their just my drug and we believe it's all worth it in the end

I was treated similarly by a girl friend of mine. There is a line between what is and is not acceptable. She stole money from me and went completely psycho. She then apologized but did not offer my money back. She wanted to remain friends. I cut her off like a bad cancer and considered it money well spent. I have no time for being treated disrespectfully, and neither should you. My favorite thing to do with losers like yours is forget the whole thing and smile. No bitterness, no anger, no regrets. Just amnesia. And ignore any further attempts the dude makes to contact you. Let him be his own problem, not yours. Focus on other things; many fish in the sea and all that.

<p>capps are ******** sorry!!! i dated one or 1 1/2. At first being a pisces i wanted to take it slow and didnt even want a relationship..HE KEPT PURSUING UNTIL MY DUMB *** GAVE IN! And boy why did i do that he led me on bigtime!! We lived 3 hrs away but i thought we were good cause he showed me i was all he needed.. WRONG!! The B**** was cheating the whole time. I had signs but looking back i ignored them all because i really felt he was loyal...1st sign He wanted to come c me rather than me come c him<br />
2nd sign... He stop calling so much and only text<br />
3rd sign.. everytime we would have *** i would get a smell ( last 3mnths of the relationship guess when cheating started)<br />
4rth ,,, He made sure when i came to visit i didnt forget anything behind( wow!!!!)<br />
5th and the biggest hurt of it all He wouldnt even get on **** anymore... which was sickening and never ever happened to me in all my 30 years on this earth i was truly dismayed....<br />

Capricorn men are seriously a handfull. I should know ofcourse because i am dating one. or so i think. They are very fickleminded and wayward. One minute they are hot one minute they are cold. They do not express themselves always..and they shut down. They can go days and weeks without talking to you but then they will sporadically text you out of the blue..i miss you..i'm always thinking of you..bull **** like that. They are the kings of MIND ******* and mind games..if they need their space they won't tell you but rather disappear like genies..they are so ******* annoying..but they're sweet..they are loyal..they are ambitious..they are great guys..but their bad traits are their downfalls.

Wow.....I thought it was just me and I was going crazy about the cap man in my life. He does the same thing...gets real nice flirty and then POOF ice cold. We work together but at different locations. We are both married. I am trying to get out of my marriage. I have never asked him about his. We recently spent a full weekend together. It was wonderful. But he did somethings which confuse the heck out of me. He took me to his work and I met one of his co-workers. Um....I am not the girl in any of his pictures on his what is that worker going to think? Then...he takes me to his apartment...waves to the nieghbors like nothing. I know the nieghbors dont know me...mite ask 'who was that girl'. During our 3 day weekend...the wife sent a text once. Once in three days so I know something is not good at his home...but too scared to even ask. He pursued me...he has shown up at my work to 'surprise' me. He calls me at my work at least once a week. He hates one of my guy friends, and I asked him if he would rather I not see him etc and he said, Nope I am okay with it. We have been talking for about 3 months. He tells me to text him all the time but then I dont get a reply. In truth...we usually dont go more than 12 hours without texting each other unless its the weekends and he is at home on 'lockdown'. But then he usually sneaks a text to me. I have told him that I do adore him...proud of him...cherish him. He does say nice things to me every once in awhile. Like I am pretty, sexy amazing but they are far and few between. Or he just texts ditto. He loves to keep me guessing and as he puts it "keep me on my toes". He has said that he is scared that I will loose interest if he bends to my will and if he doesnt keep me guessing. But doesnt he understand it drives me mad and I want to run away? I am at the point of falling...and think I should run away as fast as I can. But the man has a hold on me that I have never felt before...but what does he plan on doing with me? Keep me as his mistress forever?

Dude. DUDE! dude. What in the world?! Run like the wind. You are about to fall in love with a married man? Number one, get a divorce. Learn to be alone and happy with yourself first and foremost! You don't need a man, trust me. When you have dealt with your own demons and have become happy alone, then let a man into your life, but only if he's worthy and treats you RIGHT. The guy you describe is a douche, and if I were in your shoes, I'd forget he was ever born and continue my own life with no regrets.

He's not responding because he owes you money. Think of it in a positive light as $250 well spent to get rid of the loser! Lesson learned.

They are self absorbed. If he was young he wasn't ready. They love attention but their life is the only thing that counts.

Not true whatsoever. Our hearts are big and will care for the simplest forms of life. We do love attention. However we would sacrifice our own happiness to see a loved one smile.

So true u r abt the capricorn male ...i cn understand you completely cos i too hv bn through xctly t same incident .These guys nva responds bck no mattr hw mch involved u wr wit him.

I am a leo woman seeing a cap man. Not all men are the same in any sign. This man I am seeing does get quiet on me,but I dont get crazy with him when he does. I talk to him an tell him how I am feeling. They are very serious about work and sometimes puts it before their love life. He chased me first and i think they really love the chase. I didnt give into him easy and he told me first that he loved me. Just recently, I was feeling ignored. I come right out and told him if he needs space I will be glad to give it to him. He then opened up to me and told me he had stress from his job. I supported him with that and told him I can not read your mind and to please tell me whats going on with him so i dont blame myself and think it is something I had said or done. He told me he was sorry he had made me feel that way. Caps are very serious about who they love if they really love you but work is always first. They are kinda shy but more private until they feel they can fully trust you. It takes time with them because they have big hearts. I am a leo woman and I know it takes time for me to trust also. I dont think all caps or leos are the same. I know caps want to do the chasing but once you get him you have to talk to him but do not be controlling.They dont like that but who does. Caps that are older i think are better men. A cap will be faithful if he trully loves you. They are tigers in bed and playful which i like. Being a leo myself, i have helped him open up his sexual side. He tells me i am wild in bed but he likes it. Remember no matter how much a cap loves you, he does not like being controled, he is job first, he loves affection, he wants support in his job and likes compliments, (who dont) loyal, funny, does not like insults, and wants to feel he is the man of the house. The key is keep him satisfied in bed like any man would want. lol

Help! I am a capricorn woman. I have been flirting/texting a cappy man. We have known each other for 2 yrs. we meet while going thru our divorces. Turns out he knows my family and we have mural friends. We decided to get together and have a fun night! No strings! It was amazing! Great sex! Me being a capricorn... Wowzers! I felt more than just sex, I know he felt something too. He got all weird and distant. Then we talked again.. Hint to meet up again and he got cold. I realized I had feelings for him. I told him and he responded: I'm very sorry. This is why I can't do the casual thing. It makes me feel horrible and they last thing I wanted was to hurt you. That was 2 wks ago and I have not made contact! Does he like me? Or what? Any male cappy out there to help clarify? Thanks!

He's only interested in a casual thing. Sex only. He freaked out because you "caught feelings." Feelings that he doesn't have.

Reading all of these stories makes me feel less alone and confused because the same thing is hapenning to me!!
I really don't understand him. We've known each other for about 9 months and when we met I had a boyfriends but he was interested in me, so I said we could be just friends. My boyfriend was actually a complete ******* who cheated on me so I broke up with him. This cap was there for me through it all and he was so so patient, sweet and understanding. Whenever we were together I would feel so comfortable and happy around him, he was honestly one of the nicest guys I've ever met. But then out of no where a month ago I was supposed to come over to his house, but he never told me when so I ended up waiting for 3 hours for his text and just went home. I was furious and expected him to call me the next day saying sorry and explaining what happened but he didn't. He ignored my texts and my calls and everything and still has for a MONTH now. I'm going crazy, I was falling in love with him and then he just took everything away so easily? I know he cares about me but I just don't understand how he could do this, he was the one that wanted a 'serious relationship' with me and talked about our future and all these things now he's just being a complete *******!!! I try to leave him alone and just let him come to me when he wants but it's so hard, we hung out every day and when he didn't we texted constantly. I've never been so hurt in my life, he promised so many things to me and now I have no idea what to do. How do I get him to talk to me or get him back!!??

What I can say to you, save yourself a heart ache and try to do other things besides him. when u a not calling he will wonder what u a up to and come back they are always interested in chasing

Cap are just money and job lovers.. not a sensible person... just a practical ones... hate them

So cap lover too wanted money from me ..when i denied he stop txtng me ...otherwise before this money incident he was like completly mad about me ...he used to get angry if i didnt txt him evn fir 2-3 hrs. .

Omg. Please listen to my story.

Ok so 3 years ago I met this Cap. At first there were sparks but I, as a Pisces, was very cautious with jumping into a relationship with him. I didn't do anything with him- THANK GOD!! We continued to talk for the first 6 months and he began to become impatient with me, pressuring me to have something serious, and lashing out at me after I proposed to just be friends.

Anyways, we continued to stay friends, which I think was only on my part because I felt that he was only going along with it to get something in return eventually. One day, after knowing him for 2 years, he asked to borrow $250 and promised to give me back double. I, being naive, gave it to him. When I hadn't heard from him in a while I began to worry and started calling and texting him and every once in a while he would answer with smiley faces. WTF?! It dawned on me that he must have calculated this plan to hurt me so that he could get the satisfaction of getting me back for the hurt I caused him.

I left it alone and did not hear from him in over a year. His friend kept calling me acting like him and the Cap guy had a falling out, which i knew was a lie because the friend barely knew me enough to confide in me. Just recently he called me from another number and I hung up the minute he said who he was. He now won't stop texting me and apologizing for what he did.

Trust me, when you've brushed your hands of it and forgotten about it he will wonder what happened to all of the attention you were giving him. The trick to these guys is that they love knowing that they have something over any woman's head they were involved with. Don't show any emotion and don't talk about how you feel. When you show them that you're above it, they panic.

Hi keknec same has happened to me."...he was muslim...reyaz ahmed..he was after me..praising me all time...n i was mad at him."but we differ in religions i am we know they are glued to ground truth...he changed overnight..n suddenly his ex appeared in scenario..i was so helpless..his frnds were so kind .they were too even cud nt find..

They are crazy a Scorpio woman with too much experience with them..Run away quick

Yes they can be grounded financially stable and power freaks, friendly and target to get what they want socially or with money. but this is linked to insecurity. They want to be liked by everyone but will step on who they want to get what they want.

I was ripped to shreds by a Capricorn broke my heart weeks i felt like Sh!t and he made me feel worthless and took my dignity and power. He tried hard to woo me as I didn't want him at first, and I fell for him treated him like a king cooked, cleaned back massages caring in every way. I went on holiday and when I came back he dumped me with no good reason after 6 months of us dating he said he just don't have feelings for me but likes me a lot wants it to work but don't believe it will??

Capricorn's have split personalities they are never one person in one week. They like what they cant get They insult without feeling a thing but they feel it when they are insulted.They are cold emotionless individuals and stay nice only if you stay hard to get from the start they can never find out too early your into them or that you love them before they love you.

I wanted to contact him only to be friends but were not friends as he ignores my calls and was rude when last contact was made.I wish we could talk but im soo hurt and i hate the way he used and disposed of me. But he was so alluring and nice at the start spent money, time.And came across as an amazing deep individual but he was really an arrogant shallow person who hides behind his money and has no substance without it. The money makes people respect and like him and gets him women. But I never asked for anything and wanted him for the person he pretended to be.
Nasty calculated, and manipulative which means nothing is what its seems with a Cap. I would never date one again only ever be friends with a Capricorn male.

Will they ever have a heart or see when they hurt people.

You just told the whole story of my last relationship with a Capricorn!! Scary. I'm back off another Capricorn that im dating. And if he dont come to me to make this work I will NEVER date another Capricorn ever again in my life!

Im a Gemini met a Cap man and I dont care what a person zodiac is.Respect is due in any relationship..Mines acted a fool and I acted one back..he avoids and I dont care I still text..send topless pics like nothing changed.he did wrong not me so the fact he still just stares@me when at same place or fact he wont tell me to leave him alone..I wont....not afraid of