So Lost

Heyy guys, well I was reading a few of your stories & I can I dentify with all of them, I thought I'd share my own..i was a carefree child my dad says I was the happiest kid in the father left our family when I was 6, I was sexually abused for a while by someone close I am still angry at the fact tht he abandoned us bt I feel I will always be daddys girl I loved him so much I always felt my mother favored my brother over me,,she would try to get close to me bt I would just push her away , she worked all the time just to have luxuripus things so I felt like I grew up without a lovig mother. she is a leo. I had many friends as a kid bt they all seemd to disapear thru the years,,i was always to shy to greet them I always felt like they forgot who I was. I was such a loner thru middle school and high school, only few close friends, I never really tried in school, o was only happy around my family. I was coming out of my shell when I was 15 then boom! I got into a relationship with an aquarius. He was hilarious bt soo needy, I grew apart from my family and friends , i felt like even making eye contact with a guy was cheating!. I was getting over him & I had a one night stand with a capricorn, it turnd into a 3year affair. he used to text me everyday I never realized he wanted a relationship til it was too late. I cant move on from this heartbreak! I have a child the aquarius bt I cant stand him he ridicules me in front of all his friends and family I feel like he doesnt deserve me. I have no goals in life at the moment I think of my options too much instead of just doing them. I am so tired of everyones pointless drama I just want to be happy again. I am trying to show my son the beautiful things in life, I want him to be social, playing all kinds of sports, very sweet and kind, a gentleman, an adventurer he is a virgo and he is my world!!! Also I aspire to be the best, if I am less I feel unworthy, and thats in EVERY aspect of my life
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I'm aries if u haven't done one before pm me, and I'll give u the address ... Photos are on my profile.